Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 573

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Just at this moment, Mo Yi’s figure was like a gust of wind and engulfed himself into the Royal Treasury.

In Mo Yi’s hands was a huge gunnysack and on the opening of the gunnysack was a straw-rope tightly sealing it.

The gunnysack bobbed up and down in all sorts of directions and there was a faint noise coming from it, it was obvious that something alive was in it.

Mo Yi came before Huang Yueli and bowed to show his repect, “Third Miss, the thing that you wanted, your subordinate has already brought it. Do you want to check the item?”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “En, let’s take a look at it!”

Mo Yi opened the sack and shook it.

Tumbling, a figure of a person rolled out and it rolled for several rounds on the ground before it finally came to a halt, and that person was the Crown Prince!

Li Mojun’s expression seemed a little dazed, as though he wasn’t sure where he was at, as he blankly looked to his left and right for several moments.

Huang Yueli immediately understood what had happened. She guessed that Mo Yi didn’t officially cross hands with Li Mojun and just directly gunny sacked him from behind, and just brought him here after sacking him up!

She almost laughed out loud because Mo Yi actually had a gift for playing tricks on people. This should be because….. he had followed Li Moying around for too long so one takes on the colour of one’s company?

Crown Prince absently turned his head around and the first sight that falls into his eyes was the bundled up Imperial Tutor and others.

His eyes opened wide in astonishment, “Master, you… why are you here? What happened to all of you?”

When Imperial Tutor saw Crown Prince, his face was filled with sorrow and melancholy.

“Mojun, you… why are you so careless? You really got captured by that damned lass? Sigh, what should we do now!”

“What damned lass? Master, why are all of you trapped in that mechanism? I shall think of a way to release all of you!”

“Ai, don’t come over, be careful of falling into Bai Ruoli, that damned lass’s tricks! Your Master was careless so I fell into her trickery!”

“Bai Ruoli??” When Li Mojun heard her name, he turned his head and his sight fell onto Huang Yueli’s face as he gave a shriek.

“Bai Ruoli, what are you doing here?”

Huang Yueli had been watching this show for some time and replied smilingly, “Crown Prince, long time no see! The last time we met, I recall your meridians were severed totally and I was still worried for you, that you might become a disabled person! To think that you’re actually alright and there’s no impairments to your movements, this is really a surprise. What kind of miracle medication did you take?”

Crown Prince was originally slightly dazed but when he heard her words, his expression grew uglier by the minute as the veins on his forehead started to pop out.

This was called touching one’s tender spot. Li Mojun’s biggest insult throughout his entire life was to have his meridians severed in front of everyone at the peach blossom banquet, and he almost became a disabled person!

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It was only until a few days ago when Li Xue’er returned and gave him a fifth grade pill, which allowed him to stand up again.

However even till now, his power had yet to completely recover.

Li Mojun clenched and gritted his teeth as he stared at Huang Yueli and replied viciously, “Bai Ruoli! All these are done by you and that bastard Li Moying! You dared to do such a thing like this to me, hehe, haven’t you thought that I would take revenge? You came at the right timing, I thought you were scared and had hidden yourself! Now that you’re here in front of me to look for death, don’t blame me for dealing with you!”

A chilly smile formed on Huang Yueli’s lips.

“What Crown Prince had said really scared me so much, I’m soooo scared! I wonder how are you intending to deal with me?”

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Chapter 573