Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 572

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Huang Yueli was all smiles as she replied, “Yes, wasn’t it me? Imperial Tutor, your age is really catching up. Your response is really retarded, only now did you realise this!”

“But, you…. you’re only in a first degree realm…. How is it possible?”

Imperial Tutor was agape and tongue-tied as his eyes filled with shock, and more shock!

At that time, Huang Yueli was heavily locked down by the Golden Scaled Guards and yet she was able to escape from the Royal Treasury. Moreover, Imperial Tutor had followed behind her for quite a long distance but in the end he was not even able to touch a single strand of her hair. Instead she made a fool out of him!

Before that day, Imperial Tutor had never been in such a wretched situation for a very long time so he bore a grudge against the thief ever since but no matter what, he was not able to which that person out!

Now that he found out about the truth, the Imperial Tutor almost wanted to shed tears!

How was he… being made a fool by a lass who was in the first degree realm lass, which was such a far distance from him??

Huang Yueli smiling replied, “I have yet to thank you! If it hadn’t been for Imperial Tutor’s leniency, it would not have been that easy for me to get the treasures out from the Royal Treasury!”

Imperial Tutor was speechless.

In what way was he lenient? And…. he was not able to catch her at all!

As Huang Yueli was saying all these, her hands didn’t slow down and continued to empty various treasures from their shelves and kept it all within her realm.

The previous time, she was on a tight schedule and was afraid of getting discovered by others so she only took the most valuable items.

But today, since she had no misgivings and had completely fallen out with the Imperial Tutor and others, why would she need to conceal the whole story?

There were quite a number treasures which she honestly did not value but no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still a piece of meat! Even though she don’t value it, it wouldn’t mean that other people would not value it. If she could auction it off at an auction house, perhaps those were able to exchange for some spirit stones or spirit jades.

Imperial Tutor looked at Huang Yueli’s well-trained and speedy actions and his brows creased as he led out an extremely painful expression.

All these treasures were accumulated bit by bit over the years and some had been personally procured by himself leading the Golden Scaled Guards to dangerous grounds and now, it was all being swept into the waist pouch of lass that he hated deeply!

“Bai Ruoli, you… aren’t you full of guts… stop, quickly stop now!”

Huang Yueli didn’t bother about him and continued to sweep all the treasures cleanly on the fifth floor before running downstairs to continue on her collection.

Imperial Tutor gritted his teeth for half a day and as time ran past, he realised that something was not right.

The area of the Treasury was only so big and the treasures kept within were naturally not few. Some of the treasures were rather large pieces and yet Huang Yueli had kept one piece after another into her space, as if it was not full at all!

How much was her realm ring able to contain?

And there was something more shocking.

That was although she had been running to and fro among the different floors, and had swept every single shelf cleanly as though she was packing her own home’s storage room.

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Heaven knows, there were numerous mechanisms in every single room of the fifth floor and various traps were also set up on the other floors but not only had Huang Yueli not breeched a single one of them, she also easily got hold of everything!

A huge tidal wave arose in Imperial Tutor’s heart!

Even for himself, even if he held the Treasury’s map in his hands, he would still need to be extremely careful, afraid that once he loses caution, his life would be buried within this place!

But this lass…. How did she do it?

Huang Yueli spend just over two hours and had already finished collecting about seventy to eighty percent of the fourth floor’s treasures.

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Chapter 572