Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 569

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The sides of Huang Yueli’s mouth curled upwards slightly as her eyes flashed obvious signs of ridicule!

“My father greeted you as a senior was to respect your age, thinking that you are an elderly worth respecting! My father had always been an upright person, but how would be ever expect that in this whole wide world, there’s such a person who isn’t worthy of respect!”

“As for me…..”

She paused momentarily and under the embittered gaze of the Imperial Tutor, she unhurriedly opened her mouth.

“You’re just my guard’s defeated opponent and prisoner. Frankly speaking, you’re worse than the servants under me so why should I bother to show respect to you? Have I got nothing better to do?”

The Imperial Tutor almost fainted when he heard these words!

This wretched lass actually compared him with the servants!

He was a powerful fourth degree realm practitioner and even the Emperor had to treat him with respect as his status was utmost valuable!

“You’re good …Bai Ruoli….. with such arrogance, sooner or later you will suffer retribution, and it will be soon! Let me tell you, Seventh Princess is already back in the Kingdom and she’s not an ordinary girl. If you were to fall into the hands of the Seventh Princess…..”

The Imperial Tutor had originally wanted to scare her but in the middle of speaking, he suddenly stopped.

He suddenly remembered that he had been sent to the Royal Treasury to hold back Mo Yi so that it would be more convenient for Seventh Princess to deal with Huang Yueli.

But why was Huang Yueli able to appear here now? Shouldn’t she still be at the Valiant Martial Manor, being hung up to be tortured by the Seventh Princess and thrown into the darkest and dirtiest water prison?

Why did she appear in the Royal Treasury? And her dressing looked tidy and her complexion was rosy, looking much prettier than before. Her condition couldn’t be better, in what way did she looked like she was being given corrective punishment?

Could it be that this wretched lass had heard news of the Seventh Princess going over to find trouble with her so she had ran away? Or had something happened to the Seventh Princess, made adjustments and had yet to inform them of the changes in her plan?

Imperial Tutor was still puzzled after much thought.

Instead, Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Imperial Tutor, you were trying to say that Li Xue’er wanted to capture me to teach me a lesson right? But it is just too unfortunate. Your Seventh Princess had indeed gone to my place but in the middle of her journey….. she was burning with desire, took off all her clothes and did a striptease and hugged her own guards while doing illicit stuff. Tsk Tsk, everyone in the entire royal palace would had already heard of this!”

“What?” Imperial Tutor gave a shocking expression retorting unbelievably, “What rubbish are you sprouting? Why would the Seventh Princess do such a thing? Do you think I would believe this?”

Huang Yueli didn’t think much of it and shrugged her shoulders.

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“Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to me. Anyway… the person who is embarrassed is not me? What’s more, the minute you leave the Royal Treasury and head back to the Palace, you’d naturally find out about everything.”

Saying that, she suddenly stopped, as though she had remembered something else.

“Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot about this. If you want to return to the Palace, you must be able to retain your life in order to do so! Otherwise, you’d probably never find out for the rest of your life on what had actually happened to Li Xue’er!”

“You…. what do you want to do to me? If you were to proceed at random and offend me, the Emperor would definitely not let you off easily!”

Huang Yueli laughed, “Imperial Tutor, you’ve lived like a prince for too long a time that your brain isn’t really working? The Emperor protects you naturally is because your power is strong and can bless the entire South Yue Kingdom. But if I can deal with you, naturally it means that my power is stronger than you! Weighing the pros and cons, whose side would the Emperor stand on?”

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Chapter 569