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In the eyes of the Crown Prince and Seventh Princess, although Huang Yueli had a good innate skill but her age was just too young and her cultivation was only at the first degree realm. If it hadn’t been for Li Moying, she was not even be fit to be an opponent for any one of them.

As long as they removed the guard that Li Moying had left by her side, she would become a helpless little sheep waiting for slaughter!

They had not pre-empted that Huang Yueli was actually able to use her own power to take care of Li Xue’er and those men whom she had brought along and even gave them a good thrashing!

Now, she had even rushed to the Royal Treasury in time.

With an unexpected variable like her, the plan that Crown Prince had plotted to capture Mo Yi alive was not possible to materialise.

This was because….. in a place filled with mechanisms was exactly Huang Yueli’s home field!

Even if the Crown Prince’s mechanisms were to be counted fully, to pick such a location was akin to using a stone and crush his own feet.

In the middle of the Treasury, Mo Yi’s disadvantage was becoming more and more obvious.

On seeing that his actions were gradually becoming slower, the Imperial Tutor’s wrinkle-ridden face let out a smile as he shouted, “Quick, surround him everyone, let’s all…”

Before he could finish his words, they heard a dull noise reverberating from the Treasury.

Imperial Tutor scowled as he shouted, “Didn’t I say this already? Don’t activate the mechanisms without my orders, have you all…. Heard…. This…..”

As he was speaking, his eyes suddenly grew wider as his entire face expressed shock.

A huge “Rumble Rumble” sound blared and unknowingly the largest mechanism in the Royal Treasury was activated as huge rocks dropped down from their head as though it was hailstone.

The only difference was the rocks were larger than the hailstones and had a diameter of at least one meter. If one were to be struck by it, one would definitely end up wounded or dead!

Imperial Tutor hastily avoided it as his heart was flustered by a peal of astonishment and panic.

The reason was because the only way to activate this this largest mechanism was only known to him and the other fourth degree realm expert who was responsible for guarding the Royal Treasury. But now that both of them were here, who was it…. that had activated the mechanism?

Unless there was a traitor within the Royal Treasury who had secretly learnt how to activate the mechanism?

But, wasn’t this just impossible?

In order to activate such a powerfully large mechanism, it would require a lot of strength and without the power of the fourth degree realm practitioner, even if one knew the method, one would not have enough strength to activate it.

But what the Imperial Tutor didn’t know was to use brute force to activate the mechanism was actually the last resort. This method would only be used by those who had no idea whatsoever about mechanisms and had no choice but to choose such a stupid method.

However, to an Armament Master like Huang Yueli, to activate such a low level mechanism was a simple task to undertake.

Not only did she activate the large hailstone mechanism, she also made some minor adjustments to the mechanism itself.

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This resulted in the descent of hailstones dropping more on the Imperial Tutor and others heads, concentrated to the extent of impossibility.

As for Mo Yi’s side, there were only a few pieces of hailstone and he just had to slightly adjust his position and would be able to avoid it easily.

A glint of surprise flashed past Mo Yi’s eyes as he had never expected that the situation would take such a huge unexpected turn.

Just as he realised that he was about to be defeated and since he didn’t want to fall into the evil claws of the Imperial Tutor to become a tool against his Master, he had already made the worst decision of perishing together with them!

Who knew that just as he was about to find the best opportunity to strike, this unexpected change happened!

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Chapter 567