Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 565

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Huang Yueli brought along the Little Phoenix and went straight to Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s door was wide open but there weren’t any customers.

Huang Yueli strode in with big steps and saw the entire lobby in huge mess. All the counters had been pushed over and various medicinal ingredients were scattered on the ground. Some locked cabinets were also smashed open.

Signs of a fight were visibly shown on the ground

Besides that, all the employees of the Thousand Treasure Pavilion were spotted having a black eye, as though they had just been attacked by someone.

Yet in between these people, there wasn’t any sign of Mo Yi or Manager Sun.

Huang Yueli frowned as she grabbed an employee and asked, “Where is Manager Sun? How about Mo Yi? Where have they gone to?”

The employee was holding on to his swollen face while groaning in pain but as he lifted his head, a delicate and attractive face came into his sight. A hint of joy shone in his eyes!

He had immediately recognised that she was the Valiant Martial Manor’s Third Miss, and was also their Lady Boss.

“Thi….Third Miss, you’re here! That’s great, we’re saved…. Manager Sun is inside calculating what we have left in our reserve! The Crown Prince had led his men here, looting and snatching items in our shop, causing us to suffer from huge losses….. Third Miss you’re looking for him? Need your humble servant to ask Manager Sun out?”

Huang Yueli shook her head and replied, “Never mind, let him slowly calculate the damages. How about Mo Yi?”

“Mo Yi?” The employee was dumbfounded for a moment before he suddenly realised, “You’re referring to the tall and incredible expert? He’s simply too powerful, earlier when the few of us were almost beaten to death by the Golden Scaled Guards but when Sir Mo Yi rushed here, he easily took care of all of them. Even the Crown Prince was not able to take even one strike from him!”

Huang Yueli was totally not surprised by his words.

Mo Yi was a fifth degree realm practitioner, higher than Crown Prince and the rest by a total of three realms. To say that he swept all obstacles away at one go was not an exaggeration, even one finger of his could squash them all.

“Where did he go to after he defeated the Crown Prince?”

The employee replied, “This…. your humble servant is not sure! But when the Crown Prince plundered a lot of valuable items from our shop, and when he escaped, he brought it all along. Sir Mo Yi seemed very angry and from the looks of it, it was possible that he had chased after the Crown Prince to get the valuables back!”

Huang Yueli frowned, seemingly unable to understanding his motive.

Even if Mo Yi were to chase after the Crown Prince, but in order to get the items back, it shouldn’t be something effortless, so why would he waste so much time?”

Huang Yueli found another employee and his answer was similar to the first.

She hesitated for a moment and decided to proceed outside to take a look.

Luckily, the Crown Prince had led a large group of people running wildly on the streets. That scenario had left quite a deep impression on others.

Huang Yueli inquired someone by the roadside and very quickly, she located the route which the Crown Prince had escaped in.

She followed the pathway but when she saw the destination, she was slightly surprised as she frowned.

“The place that they had gone to was actually…. the Royal Treasury?”

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She had been to this Royal Treasure previously. The last time was to obtain the Flame Cloud Pearl from the treasury, so that she could advance in her level.

At that time, she had been pursued by the Imperial Tutor for several miles, escaping all the way to the Royal Palace before she managed to shake him off.

To think that, the Crown Prince had….. brought his men to escape to this place…..

Could it be that Mo Yi had also followed them to this place?

As suspicions started to form in Huang Yueli’s mind, her speed started to decrease by quite a bit.

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Chapter 565