Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 563

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At this moment, Li Xue’er had yet to put on the clothes properly.

Due to the fact that both her hands could not move and she could not possibly ask the Golden Scaled Guards to put it on for her, so she could only slowly nudge herself, attempting to shift the clothes onto her body.

But this action proved to be too difficult as it would, time to time, hurt her hand causing waves of extreme pain.

Besides that, the effect of the Estrus Pill had not fully subsided as heat waves continued to rise, causing her to give out several moaning sounds.

The surrounding Golden Scaled Guards tried hard to endure. If they had not known that the woman behind was a golden branch jade leaf person whom they could not afford to provoke, they would have lost it and made advances towards her long ago!

When the Emperor and Empress arrived at the scenario, what they saw was this.

Li Xue’er was scantily dressed, stooping on the ground and constantly making groaning sounds. Her face was filled with wounds and it was difficult to make out her original looks.

Empress gave a screech and quickly walked over. When she saw the birthmark on Li Xue’er’s upper shoulder, she momentarily cried out!

“Xue’er, it’s really Xue’er! How did you become like this? What happened? My Xue’er….”


Li Xue’er saw the Empress and immediately all the grievances flowed upwards as her tears started to flow, unable to stop.

Both mother and daughter started crying bitterly.

However, in the eyes of the Emperor, this scenario was far from touching. He only felt a deep sense of shame and a stomach full of fury!

“Enough, the both of you still dare to cry!” The Emperor howled angrily and strode over.

Li Xue’er seldom heard the Emperor giving out such a fierce and stern tone and was shocked beyond words momentarily. Her tears stopped flowing as she mumbled, “Imperial Father…..”

However, before she could give an explanation, a “Piak” slap fiercely landed on her face!

“You still know you have an Imperial Father like me! How dare you openly do such a obscurity with so many guards in front of the palace doors! What’s more, you openly roamed the streets in the city! The entire South Yue Kingdom’s face had been thrown by you! How could I have such an indecent and immoral daughter like you?”

Li Xue’er was struck dumb. Due to her outstanding innate gift and her beauty, she had always been the apple of the Emperor’s eyes and had been pampered since young. She had never thought that one day, she would be slapped by her Imperial Father!

However, before she could react, the Emperor had already showered down hurls of abuse on her. That tone was obviously filled with disappointment to the extreme!

“Im… Imperial Father… listen to your daughter’s explanation…..”

The Emperor gnashed his teeth as he hissed, “I don’t want to hear your explanation! You already did such a shameful thing, what excuse do you have? Li Xue’er is now stripped of her Princess status and demoted to a commoner! Men, capture her and don’t let her step out of the Royal Palace!”

When the Empress heard these, she shuddered with cold sweat and rushed over to plead for mercy.

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“Your Majesty, your concubine’s Xue’er is not someone who doesn’t know her morals. She must not have done this intentionally, please have mercy Your Majesty!”

When the Emperor heard these words, instead of calming down, his fury raged even further.

“Unintentional and she had already threw all the royal family’s face away. If it was intentionally, wouldn’t she already have forgotten about the entire South Yue Kingdom? If you dare to add on one more word, just wait for the imperial edict to be deposed!”

The Emperor was extremely enraged.

A legitimate Princess hang out with so many guards in a carriage, what an atrocious gossip was this?

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Chapter 563