Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 562

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The more the Golden Scaled Guards saw, the more terrified they became.

Very soon, all the men in the carriage were pulled down, leaving only Li Xue’er in the carriage alone.

All the Golden Scaled Guards who blustered around earlier all fell silent and no one dared to enter to capture the woman. The reason was because a shocking guess arose within their hearts.

The shameless woman inside…. couldn’t be the Seventh Princess right?

This guess was not unreasonable because all the guards who had been dragged down earlier, were all without exception, those who had been deployed to help Seventh Princess with some matters today.

In the end, all of them had appeared in the carriage, except for the Seventh Princess, whose whereabouts were unknown.

Without a need to think further, the woman in the carriage….. had a ninety percent chance that it was her!

But how could this be? Seventh Princess usually looked natural and unrestrained, unless….. she was such a shameless and wanton woman deep down in her bones? She had dared to commit such audacity within the city?

The Golden Scaled Guards looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do next.

Huang Yueli hid under a big tree at a distance not far away. When she saw this scenario, her mouth twitched disdainfully.

“These Golden Scaled Guards, normally they are so haughty and overbearing, why did they become so terrified at this moment? Such a huge let down, let me give them a hand!”

She hooked a small stone under the tree and kicked it.

Along the direction of the wind, the stone flew towards the carriage and happened to fall in between the wheel.

With a “thump”, the carriage lost its balance instantly and fell flat towards the direction of the royal palace.

As for Li Xue’er who curled up in the carriage, giving a screech, she rolled out from the carriage, and rolled for quite a distance before falling right in front of the Golden Scaled Guards.

The Golden Scaled Guards looked carefully and all were shocked out of their lives.

The woman, in front of their eyes, was totally naked. Her figure was shapely, giving rise to wild and fanciful thoughts. Even though the Golden Scaled Guards knew she could possibly be the Seventh Princess, but they were unable to control their line of visions and ogled several glances at her.

Those lewd glances almost drove Li Xue’er to death!

The Golden Scaled Guards’ vision fell onto her face and at this moment, everyone was stunned.

Seventh Princess, Li Xue’er was an outstanding beauty, but this woman in front of their eyes had her face filled with bumpy bruises, her face was swollen like a pig head. Was she really the Seventh Princess?

Li Xue’er screeched, “What are you looking at! Do you believe that this Princess will gorge out your eyes! Quickly remove your clothes and give it to me!”

This time, her voice was loud and clear and allowed the Golden Scaled Guard to confirm that this indeed was the Seventh Princess.

One of them hurriedly removed his outer jacket and threw it towards Li Xue’er. The rest of them surrounded her, back-facing in a circle to block out the views from the other people so that she could put on the clothes in the human circle.

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There were some who observed the surroundings and immediately went to clear the scene, and chase away those bystanders who were there to watch the bustling scene!

Alas, these series of actions came too late!

Because around the doors of the palace, there were several ministers and influential officials moving around. They had already seen this scenario with their own eyes and were gesticulating, even guessed that the naked woman who had just rolled out from the carriage was the Emperor’s beloved Seventh Princess!

Some palace maids and eunuchs happened to past by this route and when they saw such a scenario, they hurriedly entered the palace to report to the Emperor.

Not long after, the palace door opened and the Emperor and Empress personally rushed over.

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Chapter 562