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The entire journey from Valiant Martial Manor to the Royal Palace would pass through several busiest streets in the city and these streets were mainly for commercial use so traffic was extremely busy and pedestrians were closely woven.

When the carriage had arrived at these areas, it could not maintain the previous speed to go as fast as possible so it could only reduce its speed as it moved slowly, moving and halting every few seconds.

However, the minute the carriage decreased its speed, the sounds from within the carriage could be heard visible.

“Enn….Enn…. Ah…. Ahh…..”

The slight moaning could be heard indistinctly.

The pedestrians on the streets were plentiful and quite a number of them had already noticed the unusual situation in that carriage. They ambiguously turned their heads to look and following that, discussions in a lowered tone could be heard.

“Look at that carriage! Those sounds earlier, did it come from that carriage?”

“That’s right, it’s this carriage. I’ve heard sounds coming from it for quite a while. Oh my, aren’t the people inside too ‘thirsty’, so do such an act in the middle of the day at such a busy place?”

“He he” a bystander gave a lewd smile, “You’re all inexperienced. If I were to say, there are several men inside and only one woman. Tsk tsk, such heavy taste…..”

“What? How can such a thing happen? Isn’t that woman being forced to do such a thing? We have to report to the authorities!”

“What’s the hurry?” the lewd man smiled wretchedly, “From the sound of this, it seems that the woman is enjoying herself, we can’t be sure that she’s not a willing party!”

A stir started to arose.

Little Phoenix turned his head towards Huang Yueli and asked, “Wa sai, if that what princess’s reputation has gone down in the mud. If she were to hear these, won’t she die of anger?”

The corners of Huang Yueli lips curled upwards, “Don’t worry, she heard it loud and clear!”

Regarding this, Huang Yueli was very sure.

Because the medication that she had given would not make the party lost their rationale. Instead, they remained clear-headed but they were unable to control their actions and feelings, so the effect of this medication was extremely useful for tormenting others!

Although the levels of the voices of those pedestrians were intentionally lowered, but Li Xue’er was after all a second degree realm practitioner. Her senses were much higher than ordinary people by several folds, so the volume of these voices were absolutely loud and clear to her!

The carriage continued on its journey, although the speed was slow, but it eventually passed by this street.

Just up in the front was the gate to the Royal Palace.

Just a distance before the carriage reached the main gate, it was stopped.

The Golden Scaled Guards held in their hands long spears and blocked the way in front of the carriage.

“Who is inside? In front of the Royal Palace, why aren’t you coming down to report your who you are?”

Although the carriage had stopped but still no one stepped down. The coachman stopped the carriage and as though he had done something guilty, he sped away immediately.

The Golden Scaled Guards had not imagined that he would run away so naturally they didn’t thought of stopping him. It was only after he had ran away did the few guards looked at one another in dismay, unclear of the current situation.

“What’s the situation now? Why did he run away? Why aren’t the people inside getting down from the carriage?”

“Don’t bother so much, go over and take a look!”

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The Golden Scaled Guards walked towards the carriage and just a distance away, they heard noises of moaning and panting, and a powerless woman’s voice from the carriage.

“Go away…. en… en…. don’t…. don’t do this ah…..”

The few of them grew wide-eyed as they all recovered their senses at the same time.

“Kao! This carriage…. Are they having…. having…”

“Heavens, aren’t they too shameless? To do such a thing is already too indecent, to think that they actually stopped the carriage in front of the royal palace gate? Isn’t this a provocation to the Emperor?”

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Chapter 560