Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 56

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“Ai, your training of the heart is far too poor isn’t it?”

Delivering the paper into Cai Wei’s hands, she warned her: “When they come to deliver the money, make absolutely sure that every single one has paid their debt. Only then are you allowed to give them the agreement!”

Hurriedly Cai Wei nodded her head in understanding, while she was filled with exclamations of admiration!

When those two guards hand strode over to capture, she had resigned herself to her fate. She thought she would definitely be beaten to death today. Who knew that the Third Young Miss had effortlessly dealt with those fiend-like guards so swiftly!

She also made each of them eat such a big loss! Punching their teeth out and even made them vomit blood!

Walking to the side of the door, she gently pushed something.

“Screech” it creaked. The thorns on the floor suddenly retracted.

The guards who were one pinned on the ground finally regained their freedom.

Lightly, Huang Yue Li smiled: “Okay then. We have squandered so much time that Second Uncle should have become quite impatient waiting for us. Don’t dally any longer, let us go to the Main Manor!”

Clearly it was her who was delaying and wasting time, no?

Nonetheless, since the situation had progressed to such a degree everyone had witnessed her methods. Who dared to confront her?

These guards were like eggplants who had suffered frostbites. Each of their faces with depressed looks as they followed behind her. Politely and respectfully they escorted her onto the horse carriage. They weren’t too far off from lifting her straight up!

Ill at ease, Cai Wei wanted to follow.

But Huang Yue Li blocked her: “It’s best if you don’t come. What if you are caught by my Second Uncle? That’s, right find some people to tidy up the place. The blood on the thorns is far too disgusting. Clean the blood off thoroughly so we can use it next time!”

Hearing those words, the guards tripped in their steps. They wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

That trap was not a one time affair! Then why did she still demand money from them? And saying that she was giving them a discount?

They met fraudsters, but never a one like this!

Who was the one that said the Third Young Miss was good-for-nothing? If she was good-for-nothing, then everyone else were fools!

Valiant Martial Main Manor.

The horse carriage stopped in front of the gates and the commander personally opened the carriage door. His back bent so much it was nearly parallel with the ground.

“Third Young Miss, we have arrived at the Main Manor. I invite you to alight from the carriage.”

Slowly Huang Yue Li exited, looking right and left.

“We have arrived so quickly and the ride was quite smooth. The construction of this carriage is pretty decent.”

“Thanks for the Third Miss’ praise!”

The eyes of the gatekeeper of Valiant Martial Manor’s nearly popped out of their sockets.

Did he see incorrectly? The Lord Commander was treating that trashy Third Miss this respectfully. What was the situation?

The Guard Regiment Commanders held a special identity. This was the case for the commanders. Even in front of the Manor Lord, they still possessed a degree of authority, they did not need to bow or give out curtesties.

So why did he behave like a henchman in front of the Third Young Miss’ presence? Wasn’t that trash able to be bullied by anyone?

Huang Yue Li chuckled and said: “Many thanks to the fellow brothers guards for escorting me here. Just don’t forget to exchange the money early!”

Lightly, she stepped into the Main Manor.

Her silhouette in the eyes of the guards, they nearly started to release tears.

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They finally sent off that grand aunt!

The area of Valiant Martial Main Manor was vast and spacious, the designs refined. The pavilions and pagodas were splendid and magnificent. This was a stark contrast to the poor and shoddy Back Courtyard.

Within Bai Ruo Li’s memories were scenes of her happily playing around in these halls during her childhood. The her back then was naive without guilt, carefree without any worries. She, the little Region Princess pampered within everyone’s palms…..

However good things never last. Just a few years later, with the disappearance of Bai Liu Feng she was heartlessly driven away from this manor.

Since then, every time she returned, all that greeted her was ruthless humiliation and torment….

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Chapter 56