Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 555

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Li Xue’er stared fiercely at Huang Yueli and every single word hissed out from her clenched teeth.

“All of you attack! Capture this little slut! All of you Golden Scaled Guards attack together. Whoever managed to capture her, I’ll ask my Master to refine a Profound Armament for him personally!”

The people whom Li Xue’er had led here were not only her own guards. The mass included quite a number of Golden Scaled Guards who had been deployed from Li Mojun.

Initially, these Golden Scaled Guards’ hearts were pounding hard when they saw Li Xue’er being easily defeated by Huang Yueli and they didn’t dare to attack.

However, the bait that Li Xue’er threw out was simply too tempting!

Who on heavens doesn’t know that Li Xue’er’s Master was a fourth tier Armament Master!

A Profound Armament personally refined by a fourth tier Armament Master, such a great thing was something that they would not even dare to dream of having!

Now that such a large meat pie had fallen onto their heads, whoever doesn’t catch it would be the biggest idiot on earth! For cultivating practitioners, their only aim was to strive towards higher heights! If an opportunity knocks on your door and you don’t grab it, then there’s no chance to breakthrough at all!

So upon hearing that, all the Golden Scaled Guards eyes flashed a tint of greediness as they looked at one another before they moved towards where Huang Yueli was.

All of them had the same idea in their minds.

From the looks of it, Huang Yueli’s power had indeed gone out of their calculations and could not be at the ordinary first degree realm. Her battle power should have exceeded by several little small realms.

If they were to go up against her one by one, they would probably not be Huang Yueli’s match at all.

But their biggest advantage was the huge number of people they had! If they were to consolidate their attacks together, against the single Huang Yueli, they might not need to struggle that much.

Besides the Golden Scaled Guards were totally different from those trashy guards. The Golden Scaled Guards were all practitioners in the second degree realm. As for Huang Yueli who had just broken through to the second degree realm, so the difference in their abilities were originally not too huge.

Including the fact that they had so many people, how would they not able to capture her?

With this thinking set in their minds, the Golden Scaled Guards didn’t hesitate further. All of them drew out their swords and outdoing the others to unleash their attacks towards Huang Yueli!

Li Xue’er lay crippled on the ground but her eyes were glued on Huang Yueli, just waiting to see how she was going to be defeated and dragged in front of her to see her pathetic sight!

Although she was not able to beat Huang Yueli personally, but that was because she had slighted her enemy earlier!

With so many men charging together, would that little slut…. be able to fly up into the sky to avoid all of these??

In actual fact, Huang Yueli didn’t have the ability to fly into the sky or burrow herself into the ground, but…. she had the ability to defeat the opponent with her outstanding power directly!

A group of fiendish Golden Scaled Guards charged towards her but they were not even able to touch the corners of her sleeve.

As Huang Yueli looked at this bunch of Golden Scaled Guards, the corners of her mouth gave out a chilling laughter.

“Overestimating your own strength!”

She did some footwork and turned her body. Her pose was just like a demon as she turned a ghostly figure.

The Golden Scaled Guards eyes were dazzled as they lost all traced of Huang Yueli’s trail.

Following that, they felt an irresistible huge force coming from their backs and before they could react, they had already been struck flying out.



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The sound of impact was continuously heard. The Golden Scaled Guards who were thought to be unexcelled were all flying out within a blink of an eye and all of them were facing down as their foreheads crashed heavily onto the ground, blood spilling out.

Not long after, no one was left standing in the entire room except for Huang Yueli.

Li Xue’er was completely stunned by this scenario as she turned wide-eyed as though she had seen a ghost.

Huang Yueli had finished handling everyone as she slowly turned and walked over.

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Chapter 555