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Saying that, Huang Yueli’s wrist shook.

Li Xue’er felt a strong wave of Profound Energy emitting from the sword blade and her two arms were jolted till it was sore and tingling with numbness. Unable to bear with the pain, she was unable to hold on to the long sword.

Following that, her entire body fell heavily outwards as she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Seventh Princess!”

“Your Highness, what happened to you??”

The guards had not been able to react and it was until Li Xue’er crashed against the corner of the wall before they regained their senses as they hurriedly pounced over to check on her condition.

Li Xue’er coughed in a hoarse voice as dull pains were felt from her chest. Following every cough she made, bloody foam kept spilling out from the corners of her mouth!

She wanted to lift her hand and wipe the blood stains from the corners of her mouth but the minute she moved, she realised that her two arms were painful like hell as it felt extremely heavy and she was unable to lift it up!

She lowered her head to take a look and realised that her two arms were not able to straighten and it could only droop downwards. At that very moment, her eyes opened wide as her heart entered a state of shock and fear!

Just at that instance that Huang Yueli shook her off, that powerful Profound Energy completely shattered the bones in her arms and it had broken into chunks, totally unable to be used.

Li Xue’er suffered an extreme amount of pain as she almost shed tears from it. Moreover, something else made her even more angry.

Huang Yueli held her precious snake shaped long sword and after she looked at it against the light, her forehead creased into a frown as she said unsatisfyingly, “This sword…. is refined is such a lousy way! The fusion intensity of the materials is way too low, it seems like the armament master’s handling power of material was done rather badly and this side here is slightly crooked. Looks like the skill towards the shape forming stage at the end is way below quality. Tsk tsk, this must be a junior who had just rose to a fourth tier armament master, using this type of workmanship as practice material? This simply cannot be shown on stage!”

Li Xue’er fumed with anger till her eyes turned red.

This sword was her precious baby! It was something that her Master had personally refined, a fourth tier Armament Master’s works. If it was brought out in an auction house, the amount would be at a heavenly cost and she was the envy of so many young practitioners!

The result however, was criticised by Huang Yueli to be totally worthless, as though it was a piece of rubbish which was to be thrown away directly!

What’s more, after Huang Yueli had finished her ridicule, feeling that it was a great pity as she shook her head, in the end… she actually kept away that sword!

Li Xue’er stared daggers at her with her eyes till it was almost fuming with fire.

Since she didn’t take a fancy to the sword, why didn’t she return it back to her? She acted like it was such a difficult task for her to accept the sword!

Wasn’t it a piece of trash? Why did she have to keep it?

As though she had heard the thoughts in Li Xue’er’s mind, Huang Yueli threw her a fleeting glance and replied, “Even though it’s a piece of trash, even if I were to return it to the furnace, I won’t be able to save it. However, it was after all a piece of your goodwill! If I were to reject the Seventh Princess’s gift, it would seem that I’m disrespectful and if I’m pinned with this crime… wouldn’t I get into big trouble?”

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This was throwing Li Xue’er’s earlier threats right back into her face!

Li Xue’er felt that the wounds on her face had gotten even more painful, as though someone had slapped her viciously on the face!

What type of status did she have, she had always been held in the palms of others since she was young. And because she had an innate talent for becoming an Armament Master, even if she were to go to the Sky Cloud City and enter the Celestial Light Academy, she was still able to be in the same standing as though she was back in her own country.

This was her first time that she was being humiliated viciously!

Li Xue’er gritted her teeth and couldn’t wait to tear Huang Yueli apart with her own hands. But too bad she was not even able to climb up on her own.

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Chapter 554