Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 553

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Although she said such words, but the expression on her face didn’t display any signs of distress. Even while she was commenting on Li Xue’er’s swordplay, it felt like she was a renown senior giving pointers to her junior.

Li Xue’er was fuming with rage between gritted teeth after she heard such fleeting comments, cursing Huang Yueli inside her heart.

Pretence! Continue to pretend some more!

She coldly sneered, “Your talking seems clear and logical, if you have the capability, try to avoid my thrust? Looking at you standing at the same spot, aren’t you unable to avoid it? Take my move!”

The distance between them were not too far apart and as Li Xue’er continued with her swordplay, the snake sword had already extended its reach as it thrusted towards Huang Yueli’s chest!

Huang Yueli didn’t avoid it, and even her feet didn’t shuffle a single step.

Li Xue’er’s heart lighted up: this little slut could only use her mouth and talk. In actual fact, she didn’t have enough ability to avoid the move, simply looking for death! Today, she shall let her know her power!

Li Xue’er’s smile slowly spread across her face but at the next moment, the smile that congealed against that reddish black face looked extremely hilarious.

Because when her sword thrusted to a position just three inches before it could reach Huang Yueli, it totally stopped in its tracks!

Li Xue’er lowered her head and found Huang Yueli had stretched out two long slender fingers, firmly holding her snake sword in between her two fingers.

Li Xue’er turned pale from the overwhelming shock as she had never expected Huang Yueli to be able to stop her long sword!

She had, in that instance, struck out eighteen thrusts! A normal same levelled practitioner would not be able to see clearly, what’s more predict accurately which thrust was the killer move!

Even if one had predicted accurately, that one thrust had been instilled with the full strength of her Profound Energy, the sharp penetrating thrust was not something that could be stopped! Unless the other party exceeded her by several realm levels, otherwise, who would dare to use their fingers to block this move? It was absolutely certain that all her fingers would be shaved off on the spot!

Li Xue’er would never believe this.

However, the fact was placed right in front of her eyes, so she didn’t have any choice to not believe it!

Her hand subconsciously increased the strength and impounded her entire Profound Energy into the sword, hoping that it would strike towards Huang Yueli!

Alas, no matter how she tried, the snake sword was firmly gripped in between Huang Yueli’s hand.

The two slender and fair fingers, skin as white and delicate like snow, looked like it had never required to handle any heavy workload. But these seemingly powerless fingers, at this moment, seemed to contain ten million pounds of strength, totally indestructible!

Li Xue’er was now experiencing true fear.

She realised that the young lady standing in front of her, whom she had treated like trash, held tremendous power and it was she herself who was unable to compare with her accomplishments!

Li Xue’er’s wrist turned and gave up thrusting inwards. Instead she was using her strength to pull back the sword outwards!

Now, she did not harbour any further thoughts of thrusting Huang Yueli. Tather she only wanted to take back her sword!

This was a fourth tier Profound Armament, she absolutely cannot lose it! No matter how much her Master valued her, it was impossible that he would refine another one for her!

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However, how would Huang Yueli let her claim back the sword just like that?

Li Xue’er tried hard to pull back the sword, even to the extent of using all her strength until her face flushed through and through!

However, she was still unable to pull it out.

She spoke out embitteredly, “Bai Ruoli, let go! Are you intending to snatch this Princess’s sword?”

Huang Yueli smiled lightly, “Seventh Princess, please don’t distort the truth deliberately! This sword…. was sent to my hands willingly by you and now you’re regretting it? Keep on dreaming!”

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Chapter 553