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However just at the instance when the guards were pouncing towards Huang Yueli, a blinding red ray burst out from Huang Yueli who had been sitting in a lotus position!

The ray was extremely dazzling and in an instance, no one was able to open their eyes. Everyone subconsciously blocked their eyes and some of them couldn’t help but shed tears.

It took quite some time before the blinding ray gradually weakened.

Li Xue’er was the first to respond as the expression on her face changed.

“Dammit, this slut actually managed to advance successfully! Why is her luck so good! Damn it! What are you guys still staring into empty space for? Quickly capture this little slut!”

A few guards rubbed their eyes and immediately they turned over and pounced towards Huang Yueli’s direction.

Huang Yueli’s eyes were originally shut tight but at this moment, she suddenly opened her eyes and beneath it manifested a cold glare!

The guards had not been able to touch her yet as they felt a surge of exploding Profound Energy sweeping towards them. Some of them were already flying out by this surge of power as they spat out blood in mid-air.

Blood from mid-air drew out an arc as it spilled along the way.

It was only after they crashed into the wall of the study room and making a huge dent in the wall before they fell onto the ground.

The event that had happened was too sudden and was completely not following the normal trail of thoughts.

At that moment, everyone was stunned.

The entire study room was dead silent.

Li Xue’er was stunned momentarily before her brows were raised in anger as she furiously retorted, “Bai Ruoli, you actually dared to hurt this Princess’s guards, what punishment should you deserve!”

Huang Yueli swept her a glance before she frowned and replied, “Who are you?”

Li Xue’er fumed, “Bai Ruoli, what act are you playing! We had not met for barely a year and you’re pretending not to know this Princess? No matter how you pretend, don’t even think about escaping the crime of profanity!”

Huang Yueli innocently replied, “I really don’t know you! Don’t believe me, ask my servants in my household! Such an ugly person like you, normally I won’t even let them enter the manor. What would happen if you scare the little kids, that would be bad!”

Li Xue’er was taken aback and she realised that her face had been burnt from a bundle of flame from god-knows-where, so she had a horrifying face now!

Although practitioners may suffer injuries on their faces, but the difference between them and normal people are they tend to recover much faster than non-practitioners. But she still had to wear this ugly ghost-like face for quite a bit of time!

She was one of the top beauties in the South Yue Kingdom and was the idol of many prestigious young masters. So every day before she leaves her room, she would carefully dress herself up and there hadn’t been a single instance where she was ever so ugly?

When she thought of this, Li Xue’er’s rage intensified!

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It was all this little slut’s fault! She really deserved to die ten thousand times!

Li Xue’er angrily retorted, “Bai Ruoli, isn’t this all your doing? If it wasn’t for you who used such a sinister method to hurt this Princess’s face, would I need to look like this now? Your methods are so sinister, it’s no wonder you’re a venomous woman!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a smile, treating her rage as nothing.

She calmly seated herself on the seat of the host and casually lifted up a pot of water as she poured herself a cup of water and slowly drank it.

“I say, this is my home. You’re the one who unfathomably came over and you’re trying to pin the blame on my head for your god-knows-where face injury came from? What does it have to do with me? Are you a swindler who came to swindle money? And you still dare to claim that you’re a what princess? With such messy hair and dirty face, with the attitude of a shrewd shouting abuse in the streets, you’re no different from a roadside female beggar! Still dare to claim you’re a princess? Are you here to make a fool of yourself?”

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Chapter 551