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True Phoenix Flames was not any ordinary flame. Li Xue’er screeched as she used her clothes to extinguish the flame but was not able to make it go out.

All the guards could not be bothered with Huang Yueli and had all crowded around in bid to extinguish the fire on Li Xue’er.

It went on for quite some time before several water attributed Golden Scaled Guards worked together to put their Profound Skills to use, then were they able to extinguish the fire.

By now, the skin on Li Xue’er’s face had already been burnt and the surface had been filled with pot-holes and looked extremely dreadful!

Li Xue’er didn’t need to use a mirror to know that she already looked terrifying, so she was even more enraged than before!

She furiously shouted, “What on earth happened? What was that thing by the side? Pull it out quickly!”

Little Phoenix used its small size to its advantage and flapping its wings, he secretly went one round and hid himself inside a white jade pen container.

A bunch of guards searched the entire study room but was not able to locate it. However, they found the little vulture.

Little vulture received Huang Yueli’s order and immediately rushed out. Flapping it’s wings, giving out whistling cries, it rushed towards the Seventh Princess’s direction!

Little vulture itself had the strength of a third tier magical beast. The strength of its body and attack power was extremely huge. The only thing lacking was its parents were not by its side while it was growing up. So although it was still young, it did not even know the basics of the innate ability of the White Winged Golden Crested Vultures.

In this way, it’s potential was not able to be displayed.

Even so, for it to go against this bunch of second stage practitioners, it was still a big threat.

Little vulture pecked on various people within the crowd and unexpectedly, the guards were not able to respond in time before they were already knocked down on their backs as several people were pecked on their faces as it was flowing with blood.

However, little vulture was still a magical beast. Against a bunch of experienced practitioners, it was still in a disadvantageous position.

After the chaotic situation had somewhat settled down, a group of Golden Scaled Guards made a simultaneous frontal and rear attack and managed to surround the little vulture.

Little vulture threw itself to the left and the right but were subsequently blocked. Anxiety took over and it was chirping for help as it turned its head to find the Little Phoenix for help.

Little Phoenix played dead in the pencil container as it sent out a telepathic message to the little vulture, “Zhao Cai ah, stop calling out for help. Your big brother is currently unable to save himself, so I’ve to left you to be my scapegoat. Take care of yourself! In future when we meet outside, let’s pretend that we don’t know each other!”

Although he said that, Little Phoenix was still feeling extremely anxious.

Little vulture had fallen into the hands of the enemy and what was worse was nothing could stop the Seventh Princess from interrupting Huang Yueli and she could immediately make Huang Yueli suffer from heavy injuries and throw up blood!

Li Xue’er also realised this and on the burnt and swollen face, she gave out a devious smile.

“It’s just a stinking bird! Very good. This evening, I shall shed all your feathers and make you into stewed vulture for Heavenly Father and Mother to enjoy!”

“Your Highness is brilliant!” The guards immediately licked her boots.

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Li Xue’er sneered coldly as she casted her glance towards Huang Yueli.

“Go! Capture Bai Ruoli for this Princess now! This time, there should be nothing to block your way! But for safety sake, all of you go together! Whoever captures her first, this Princess will reward you with a thousand taels!”

Upon hearing the reward, those guards who had been covered in dirt and grime from the attacks of the little vulture immediately recovered their energy and as they responded positively with a “Yes”, they sprang towards Huang Yueli.

Little Phoenix used its wings to cover its face as it cried mournfully in its heart.

Goner, goner, the female devil is a goner this time!

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Chapter 550