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Following the collapse of the array, raucous noise spread out from the surroundings.

A large group of people rushed into the little courtyard.

Little Phoenix knew that if a little child like himself were to appear now, it would seem extremely weird and hurriedly turned back into a little bird as he flew upwards and hid in a hurry. Besides that he also made the little vulture hide behind a flower pot.

Seventh Princess led her men and strode into Huang Yueli’s courtyard, directly entering the study room.

Just as she just reached the entrance, she felt a scorching breath blowing against her face.

It was obvious that that the person inside was indeed cultivating behind closed doors and most probably had already reached an extremely crucial moment!

On seeing this, Seventh Princess was both glad and envious.

Glad because she felt that she had come at the right timing, which was such a coincidence! If the little slut was currently in the crucial moment of advancement and she taught her a lesson at this point, Huang Yueli would probably turn into trash! This was really timely help from Heavens!

Envious was because Huang Yueli’s innate gift was really too great! She could actually advance again after such a short amount of time? Crown Prince had mentioned that she was already at Qi Profound Realm nine level. Then this round’s advancement, was it to breakthrough to the Defensive Profound Realm?

At such a young age, and she was already a second stage practitioner??

Even at Celestial Light Academy, the number one Academy in the South Sky Region where she was currently studying, there weren’t many such prodigies!

Unfortunately, no matter how much of a genius this lass was, it was useless because she had fallen into her clutches today, consider it as her bad luck. Anyway in future, there wouldn’t be a genius like her anymore!

Furthermore, it will save her efforts. If the Seventh Princess was to personally deal with her, she would only dare to fix her up and not dared to kill her, just because if her Second Royal Brother had not casted Huang Yueli aside, there was a chance that he may come back for revenge.

The situation now was good because if Huang Yueli was crippled or even leading to death because her advancement was being interrupted, this would not be considered as a direct hit from her. So in future if she wanted to deny, there would always be a way to do so!

As Seventh Princess thought of this, she was extremely pleased as she walked in.

“Bai Ruoli, what big guts you have, seeing this Princess’s arrival, you still dare to continue to cultivate? Aren’t you going to quickly come and greet me?”

Huang Yueli knew she was nearby but she didn’t make a single move.

Just a bit more, she just needed a bit more time and she would be able to breakthrough to the Defensive Profound Realm nine level!

Seventh Princess saw that she didn’t show any response and couldn’t help but gave a chilling snigger.

“Looks like, you’re intentionally ignoring this Princess! Just a Valiant Martial Manor’s Miss, you dare to ignore this Princess, how should you be punished? Men, take her down now!”

Li Xue’er knew she was at the crucial moment of breakthrough and wasn’t able to talk. However Li Xue’er knew from the start that she would not be able to say a single word and was just trying to pin a crime on her.

As her hand waved, the two guards behind her immediately responded and prepared to walk over to capture their prey.

Li Xue’er’s face showed a gleeful smile as she waited to see the pathetic expression on Huang Yueli’s face.

Who knew, the guards had only took two steps before they gave out a “Ai ya””Ai ya” sound and following that, they sprawled onto the ground.

“What happened?” Li Xue’er frowned and turned around displeased.

However, just at the moment when she had turned her head, she caught sight of a bundle of fire ray flash past!

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Following that was a fit of acute pain!

“Ah~~~! So hot! So painful! What was that? What exactly was that??”

Li Xue’er covered her face with her hands and screeched out loudly, squatting down!

Little Phoenix ducked his head and hid back onto the top of the window ledge.

He had wanted to stop the Seventh Princess earlier when he realised something was amiss and in desperation, he breathed out a bundle of true Phoenix Flames and it sprayed directly onto Li Xue’er’s face!

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Chapter 549