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Little Phoenix who was resting on the window sill suddenly awoke in shock, as he looked towards Huang Yueli’s direction with a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Female Devil can really be more perverted, she actually…. actually managed to absorb the seven grade magical beast core! And what’s more, it’s done within such a short amount of time!”

From the time that Huang Yueli had crushed the last magical beast core, it had only been a full day.

But this speed was extremely shocking. Not only was her absorption speed fast, the minor internal injuries that she had incurred due to the explosive fire attributed energy was also starting to heal.

At this moment, the water in the bathtub had already dried up.

Huang Yueli stood up and draped a long robe over her and immediately sat cross-legged on the ground,

She absorbed all the energy and directed it to her Dantian, flushing through all the meridians in her body and when all the Profound Energy exploded, it almost split open all her meridians.

Huang Yueli clenched her teeth and persevered and after the last wave of intensive wave of Profound Energy died down, she broke through the bottleneck!

She had finally…. successfully broke through to the second degree realm!

Upon seeing that, Little Phoenix could finally rest his heart at ease. His Master should have successfully advanced!

However even though she had successfully advanced, but Huang Yueli didn’t stop there.

Her Flame Spirit Physique was like a vortex that absorbs fire attributed Profound Energy and it swept in all the surrounding Profound Energy and the energy consolidated within her Dantian had not stopped impacting her meridians.

Huang Yueli felt that she could not stop herself and under the impact of the Profound Energy, she continued to advance! Advance further!

Defensive Profound Realm first level! Second level! Third level!

Just like the previous advancement, she easily broke through several small realms!

The minute she broke through the Defensive Profound Realm fourth level, her process gradually started to slow down.

Because at this crucial moment, a sudden change happened.

An eerie “Hum” started to sound.

A carved inscription array pattern outside the study room suddenly revealed itself!

The entire room started to shake along with it!

Little Phoenix raised his head and asked questioningly, “What happened? Is it because the energy emitted from the crushed magical beast core was too much, so it’s causing this array to collapse soon?”

But before he could come out with a conclusion, another “hum” blared!

This round, the noise was more intense than the previous, and the tremor within the room had increased!


The tremors and noise continuously sounded, and the rays from the array pattern kept flashing and became weaker and weaker!

Little Phoenix knew something was not right and quickly flew to the window sill as he looked outwards.

At one glance, his big moe eyes grew rounder and his chubby face turned pale.

“What the…. such a thing is really happening! Female devil, someone is attacking your array! And from the looks of it, your array is not going to last any longer!”

However, there wasn’t any trace of fluster on Huang Yueli’s face.

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Truth be told, she looked exactly the same as earlier. Her eyes were tightly shut and her hands were folded in front of her chest, as she had on a peaceful expression while she led the Profound Energy within her body!

The movement of the Profound Energy was extremely smooth and within a short while, she broke through another level.

Defensive Profound Realm fourth level!

Just as she broke though that instance, another intense tremor came through!

Little Phoenix’s expression looked really bad, a worried and helpless face looked, from the window to Huang Yueli, totally not knowing what he should do!

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Chapter 547