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Why did Mo Yi have something on now and leave at this critical timing?

A sliver of doubt flashed past Cai Wei’s mind but she didn’t have time to think deeply into it.

Li Xue’er didn’t get a reply from her and started to feel impatient, “Alright, stop dragging on with these people, let’s go in directly. This Princess want to see where can that little slut Bai Ruoli hide!”

Saying that she strode inside the manor.

A bunch of monstrous bodyguards followed behind her and whoever guards from the Valiant Martial Manor stood in the way were sent flying, crashing heavily onto the ground and losing their consciousness.

Just as Li Xue’er was about to enter the backyard, Cai Wei turned anxious and without caring for any other things, she immediately climbed up and rushed in front of Li Xue’er to stop her.

“Sev…. Seventh Princess, pl….please wait a moment!”

Seventh Princess gave her a sweeping glance and said, “Scram!”

Cai Wei was frightened till she could not stand properly but due to her loyalty towards her Mistress, she persevered with standing in front of the Seventh Princess. But her voice hd started to tremble.

“Seven…. Seventh Princess, you…. even if you go in now, it’s useless…. because….. because our Young Miss is currently not in the manor!”

“Oh, really?” Hearing that, Seventh Princess’s eyebrow raised up, “You’d better not be thinking of lying to me! If I were to find out that you dared to lie to me, this Princess will definitely make your life a living hell!”

Cai Wei shuddered as her back broke out in cold sweat, drenching her clothes.

“W….Won’t dare to lie to Seventh Princess! Our young Miss met an old man this mor…. this morning and after that she went out in the mid-afternoon via the back door. And she refused to tell us where she’s going…. Till now she had yet to return. This servant is very worried and I was just preparing to go out and look for her…..”

As Cai Wei was saying these, she was already weeping mountains of tears in her heart.

Wu~wu~wu~~, Third Miss, this servant had told a lie for the very first time because of you! If Seventh Princess were to find out and if I were to die in the manor, you have to help collect my corpse!

Her words were half filled with truth and half filled with lies.

Seventh Princess started to fill with doubts.

Thousand Treasure Pavilion had encountered trouble and she would definitely be involved in the matter. So naturally she knew that Manager Sun would come to the Valiant Martial Manor to seek help in addressing the trouble.

Even though she didn’t see Huang Yueli at Thousand Treasure Pavilion at that time, but if she were to slip away from the back door, then it was possible that her men would probably not have seen it…..

Could it be that Thousand Treasure Pavilion had gotten into trouble and when Huang Yueli heard the news, she escaped due to fright?

Cai Wei lowered her head as she felt Seventh Princess’s stinging vision as her heart continued to pound hard.

Just as Seventh Princess was hesitating, a sharp voice suddenly came from the entrance of the manor!

“Seventh Princess, don’t listen to the words of the cheap servant, she must be lying to you! Third Miss is definitely somewhere within the manor. Second Miss had sent someone to watch all the exits of the manor! She didn’t leave this place at all!”

Hearing that, Cai Wei lifted her head and immediately recognised the person who had rushed into the manor.

This was the Valiant Martial Manor’s old housekeeper, and he had always been most loyal to Bai Liu Jing.

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When Huang Yueli came to the manor to teach them a lesson that day, this old housekeeper took opportunity immediately and disappeared on the first instance, and he as one of the very few who remained safe.

No one would have thought that he had returned to Bai Liu Jing and sent someone to monitor the movements of the Valiant Martial Manor.

When Cai Wei saw him, she knew immediately that she was going to get into trouble!

As expected, Seventh Princess immediately came around and her brows raised in anger.

“How dare you, you lowly servant, actually dare to lie to this Princess! Men, drag her out and flog her hard!”

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Chapter 545