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However, Mo Yi kept Li Moying’s orders in his mind and did not dare cut some slack, fearing that something might happen to his future Mistress!

To go into closed door cultivation to advance in level was not a small matter and there could be various sort of accidents which might happen. Even though Huang Yueli had outstanding innate skill, but he still could not afford to be careless.

Three days had passed just like that.

Early this morning, Manager Sun from Thousand Treasure Pavilion found his way to the manor and insisted on looking for Huang Yueli.

Mo Yi went to meet him on behalf of Huang Yueli, “Manager Sun, Third Miss is currently in closed door cultivation and is not convenient to meet you. What is your purpose for this visit? Telling me will be the same.”

Manager Sun had seen Mo Yi with Li Moying and knew that he must be his boss’s subordinate and Mo Yi was also a powerful expert. So Manager Sun was very agitated when he saw Mo Yi to the extent of almost kneeling down.

“Sir Mo Yi, please help us! Our Thousand Treasure Pavilion…. have been wrecked by someone!”

“What? What happened? Tell me slowly!” Mo Yi frowned.

Manager Sun was on the verge of tears as he spoke with a forlorn expression on his face, “Sir Mo Yi, I also got to know about it some time ago that the new boss of our Thousand Treasure Pavilion was actually Prince Yu Wang in incognito! Before Prince Yu Wang left, he told us that he will be gifting the Thousand Treasure Pavilion to his fiancée, Third Miss of the Bai family, and we will be working under Third Miss! So that was the reason for me to come and beg Third Miss…..”

Mo Yi replied, “Go straight to the point! Today someone went to Thousand Treasure Pavilion to wreak havoc?”

Manager Sun immediately replied, “Really! Ever since the new that Prince Yu Wang is our new owner had been spread out, Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s business had been great daily, and there were many visitors from our neighbouring countries who came in fame! However when we open for business this morning, there was no one outside at all. When we went out to take a look, we realised that our entire store was surrounded by some people and they even threatened to capture all the people in our shop…..”

“What?” Mo Yi asked inquiringly, “Since everyone knows that Thousand Treasure Pavilion is Master’s business, there would still be someone who dares to wreak havoc? In South Yue Kingdom, who would dare to antagonise our Master?”

Manager Sun scowl miserably, “The person leading this is the Crown Prince! We’re not sure where he heard from that Boss had already left the South Yue Kingdom and he will not be back for some time. So the Crown Prince used the excuse that our Thousand Treasure Pavilion had cheated him of his money and he wants to capture all of us and put the crime on our heads, and he had also mugged all the valuables in our shop! With the help of the bodyguards in Thousand Treasure Pavilion, this subordinate risked my life to come here!”

“There’s such a thing…looks like since Master had left, there are many hearts which have started wavering…..”

“That’s right. Now, only Third Miss will be able to suppress the Crown Prince…. Sir Mo Yi, is it possible…..”

Mo Yi shook his head and interrupted him.

“Nothing must happen to Third Miss at this juncture! Since this is the case, I’ll make a trip with you!”

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“This… but the people whom the Crown Prince had brought along are the most powerful Golden Scaled Guard in the entire South Yue Kingdom, and it was rumoured that all of their cultivations are at least in the second degree realm and above! Sir Mo Yi, I know your cultivation isn’t bad but….. two fists are no match for hour hands!”

Manager Sun was not a practitioner with innate talent so towards the difference in strength between Mo Yi and the Golden Scaled Guards, he had totally no idea at all.

Mo Yi didn’t explain further and only replied with one sentence, “Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass Master.”

He informed Cai Wei of what had happened and proceeded to lead Manager Sun to Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Cai Wei was very worried. From her view, although the Crown Prince was not as good as Prince Yu Wang, but he was still one of the top talents in South Yue Kingdom and the Golden Scaled Guards were all top experts!

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Chapter 543