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Little Phoenix’s eyes almost falling out and his face was frighteningly pale!

“What the… she’s playing for real. Is this the legendary s….s….seventh grade magical beast core???”

If it was said that Huang Yueli could absorb five sixth grade magical beast cores, it was still within Little Phoenix’s acceptable range. But now that she was preparing to absorb the seventh grade magical beast core, even Little Phoenix was unable to maintain his composure of the current situation.

The reason was the intrinsic quality of magical beast core of seventh grade and above were totally different from sixth grade and below.

Seventh grade magical beast cores were basically the offspring of divine beasts and ordinary magical beasts. The offspring had inherited some divine beast blood so their magical beast core base was essentially of a different grade from sixth grade magical beast core!

The energy contained were strong and more aggressive and…. the danger increased a hundred fold!

A first degree realm practitioner aiming to absorb a seventh grade magical beast core? This itself was not just seeking death but aiming for the spirit to be dispersed and the soul to be shattered to bits!

“Female Devil, don’t. You cannot be rash, don’t be rash!”

Little Phoenix couldn’t bear it any further and immediately rushed forward in an attempt to stop her!

It wasn’t easy to find a master like Huang Yueli so he really couldn’t bear to see her toying around with her life like that!

After all, her innate skill was powerful and she knew how to roast chicken drumstick. Putting aside her vile character, she had no other shortcomings, and was passable as his Master…..

But he was still one step too late.

Huang Yueli’s actions was very quick, once her fingers felt the magical beast more, she had instantly crushed the magical beast core without any hesitation!

The intense impact of the explosive energy from the seventh grade beast core almost blasted Little Phoenix out, heavily smashing him against the ceiling of the study room. On the wall were several cracks which formed when his tiny body had smashed against!

At the same time the water in the bathtub had turned into red smoke, encompassing the entire room!

The vapor rose and every single level of smog were boiling and still burning!

Huang Yueli’s sight congealed, attempting to gather the energy of the seventh grade magical beast core.

But this round, even she felt that she had some difficulty in doing so.

Seventh grade magical beast core’s energy was extremely powerful and it was full of impact, totally not heeding to her commands but trying to desperately escape from her clutches and disperse outwards!

She bit the tip of her tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood towards the direction of the scattered pieces of the magical beast core!

The energy in the air seemed to pause for that one instance and following that, she used all of her power and finally managed to coacervate the energy!

Although it was harder to coagulate the seventh grade energy as compared to the fifth and sixth grade magical beast cores and her absorption speed was much slower, but she was still able to succeed in collecting all the energy without a single trace….. of dispersion out of the array!

However, the energy of the seventh grade magical beast core was too strong and although Huang Yueli managed to preserve all the energy but in order to refine it, it was still a difficult task to complete.

This round, there wasn’t that insane speed like before.

For an entire three days and three nights, she sat quietly in the study room and refined the fire attributed Profound Energy within her body, not stopping even for a moment.

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Outside the study room.

The guards and maids within the residence, took turns dutifully to stand guard outside the little courtyard which Huang Yueli had shut herself into closed door cultivation.

Whereas for Mo Yi, from sunrise till dawn, he had his flexible sword in his hands and stood guard silently outside the courtyard entrance under a tree every single day, without a word.

Cai Wei reminded him several times to rest. After all, Huang Yueli would probably be in closed door cultivation for at least half a month, so for the time being, she would not be able to leave her room.

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Chapter 542