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Huang Yueli had yet to unleash her temper when she saw Mo Yi dragging someone out from the backyard.

She stared at the figure and can’t help but raised her eyebrow. That person was….. her second sister Bai Ruo Qi!

The only difference was Bai Ruo Qi looked entirely different from the icy cold beauty that she displayed in the past.

Her current face filled with bumpy scars which made her look even uglier than a pockmark face. All these scars were due to the icy thorns which inflicted on her face by Huang Yueli on that fateful day.

In addition, her footsteps were coxcombry with a slight lame. It was apparent that both the internal and external injuries on her had yet to completely recover. There wasn’t much chance that she had any cultivation much left.

Huang Yueli stood at a distance of a few footsteps away and could not sense any of her Profound Energy!

Seeing Huang Yueli standing in front of her, a glint of unhidden malice flashed within her eyes!

Because compared to her ugly and discomposed look, Huang Yueli looked much better than her!

Even though she hastened on the entire journey and Huang Yueli was covered in dust, but her composure looked extremely well and high spirited. She seemed to become much prettier than before. Her luscious red lips blossoming as though they were cherry blossoms were alluring, totally looking like a young lady in love.

Obviously…. the man who had turned her into this….. was the suave and powerful Prince Yu Wang!

Bai Ruo Qi almost bit her silver tooth to smithereens!

What could that heavenly Prince Yu Wang see in this little lass!

The slutty Huang Yueli had taken advantage of everything!

Not only was she suddenly able to cultivate, she became a sixth grade talent and caught Prince Yu Wang’s eye and got together with her!

Such a powerful and handsome man should belong to her Bai Ruo Qi and yet that lass….. actually snatched her away!

Bai Ruo Qi was both envious and jealous. If she could, she would have rushed up and strangled Huang Yueli on the spot!

But she had stayed in the underground prison in the South Yue Kingdom for more than ten days it was only upon Li Xue’er’s return to the kingdom that she was allowed to return home. The experience of the short stint had slowly sapped away her arrogance and allowed her to realise the reality that was happening.

When Mo Yi dragged her out earlier, he had displayed his power and was absolutely a first rate expert.

Bai Ruo Qi knew she was not his opponent and had not dared to be rash. She only used a pair of begrudging eyes to stare at Huang Yueli.

Even though Huang Yueli was stared in such a manner, it didn’t impact her at all.

Of course she knew Bai Ruo Qi hated her but so what?

She liked the feeling that people hated her to the core but yet could not do anything to her!

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Haang Yueli couldn’t be bothered to even cast a glance at her and simply waved her hand, “Oh it’s my second sister! Since her parents have already been chased out to run around in the nude, it really seems not right for her to be fully clothed standing here. Throw her out to run around naked too!”

Mo Yi nodded and proceeded to take action.

Bai Ruo Qi had not expected her to come up with this and couldn’t help but started screaming in a high pitch voice.

“NOOO~~~ Let me go! Let me go! Bai Ruoli, you’re too much! Using such an evil method! If Prince Yu Wang knows of your underhanded methods, he will definitely spurn you! All your innocence are just putting on an act, I must tell Prince Yu Wang about it!”

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrow and didn’t bother about her blustering but only reminded Mo Yi, “Oh yes, I forgot, since I just came back from a trip, how could I not give my second sister a gift? Mo Yi, why didn’t you remind me?”

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Chapter 535