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Bai Liu Jing’s entire body turned cold and he was trembling as he curled up into a ball on the ground, unable to speak a single word.

He had never imagined that Huang Yueli would not consider that they were blood-kin and mercilessly struck out at him. And she was utterly vicious, totally not leaving him any standing to back off!

Although she was Bai Liu Feng’s daughter, in terms of manner, she was similar to her father, but in terms of character, they were totally different!

Bai Liu Jing was a gentleman, generous and big hearted. Towards Bai Liu Jing this brother, although he did not overly indulge him, but his love and protection towards him was plenty. No matter what wrong Bai Liu Jing committed, as long as he sincerely begged for mercy, Bai Liu Feng would let it pass.

However, Huang Yueli totally don’t buy it at all! From the bottom of her heart, she had never considered him as her relative at all!

Just based on what Bai Liu Jing had done to the original Bai Ruoli, he deserved to die at least a thousand times! But Huang Yueli didn’t want to dirty her hands because of a scum like him, so she cannot be too bothered!

When Huang Yueli didn’t hear Bai Liu Jing’s reply, her lips curled slightly.

“Looks like, Second Uncle is not satisfied with this present of him. He feels that it is too light, and too little…. Since that’s the case, Mo Yi…..”

Bai Liu Jing almost fainted and hurriedly replied, “Satisfied, satisfied, I’m very satisfied!”

Huang Yueli chortled, “Second Uncle’s hobby is really unimaginable! To be beaten up till this state, you’re still so delighted and satisfied. Don’t tell me you have a hobby that cannot be divulged?”

Bai Liu Jing’s entire body was shaking in anger.

It was obviously Huang Yueli who had coerced him into saying this, but this lass made it sound like it was his “special hobby”! He had seen sinister and two-faced people before but he had never met such a sinister and two-faced person before!

And he… was not able to resist!

Just at this moment, disorderly shuffling footsteps was heard from the corridor.

A figure ran over from the backyard and upon seeing Bai Liu Jing in such a terrible state, the person immediately ran over and screaming in a loud crying voice, “Marquis! Marquis, how are you? What happened to you? Quickly wake up! Who had caused you to be in such a state?”

The person was the Marquis Lady!

Seeing Huang Yueli standing by the side, Marquis Lady immediately understood what had happened. She raised her head and stared at her viciously, loudly berating her.

“Bai Ruoli, you slut! All these are your doing isn’t it? Why have you come to harm our family again! You’ve already harmed my daughter by so much, and now you’re harming your Second Uncle! Where on heavens can you find such a slut who don’t give a damn about family relations? That’s right, your mother was a wild woman from an unknown country and after giving birth, she had eloped with another man. It’s no wonder that she could give birth to such an ungrateful thing like you!”

Initially Huang Yueli wasn’t affected by the rambling, but when she heard the insults hurled onto this body’s biological mother, her eyes flashed a glint of murder!

She sneered icily, “Very good! Looks like I had only given Second Uncle a gift, and not to Second Aunt had caused you displeasure! That’s right, this niece of yours don’t know any etiquette, so here’s what I owe you!”

Mo Yi observed her reaction and immediately understood her meaning.

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His flexible sword flashed out once again and copying the past action, he had drawn out several scars on her face!

But following that, the next strike was towards the Marquis Lady’s mouth!

With this strike, her lips had been split.

The berating that came from the Marquis Lady ceased abruptly and cried out a blood curdling scream!

But due to the wound on her mouth, she was unable to scream entirely and could only make out murmurs from her throat!

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Chapter 532