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Huang Yueli turned slightly as the sides of her lips curved upwards into a smile which didn’t look like a smile.

“Second Uncle, I’m so sorry but the gatekeeper told us that you are holding your birthday celebration today and everyone who comes must present you with a gift! Unfortunately, I came back in a hurry today…..”

Although Huang Yueli looked like she was smiling and the intonation she used was extremely courteous, but not only did Bai Liu Jing not show a sense of relief, instead the sweat beads on his forehead kept sprouting, as if he was in an adverse situation.

He hurriedly cut into her words, “No problem, no problem. Li’er, you’re one of us, there’s no need for any presents. Really, don’t take the trouble! Second Uncle knows the regards that you have for me and I appreciate it very much!”

Huang Yueli laughed lightly, “How can we do that? To come empty handed, if this rumour was spread out, other people would say….. that the daughter of the Martial Valiant Manor doesn’t know her etiquette! What’s more, I had already informed the gatekeeper that I had prepared a gift. Uncle please accept it!”

Bai Liu Jing’s heart was pounding non-stop.

If it was one month ago, he would probably believe that Huang Yueli had done it out of good will.

But today, he absolutely cannot believe such words.

Since when did this lass become so kind-hearted? What kind of birthday gift will she give him? If she was really here to send her birthday congratulations, was there a need to injure those guards so severely?

Those heavily injured guards were still crying out in pain, blocking the entrance of the main hall, and till now, unable to get up!

Bai Liu Jing coughed dryly and said, “Li’er, you’re being too courteous…..”

“Don’t mention it, this is something that I should do.” Huang Yueli laughed without a care, “Mo Yi, quickly pass that gift to my Second Uncle! He is a prosperous man, whatever type of gift, he would be able to accept it!”

“No need, no need, there’s really no need…..” Bai Liu Jing knew something was up and continued to shake his head as he rejected.

However, it was all too late.

From the moment that Huang Yueli stepped into the Valiant Martial Manor, on seeing that he had yet to shift, she had already decided to give Bai Liu Jing and his family a lesson that they would not forget.

This was to let them know that in front of her, if they continued to play this sort of two-faced petty games…. what kind of price they would have to pay for it!

Under the command of Huang Yueli, Mo Yi’s flexible sword wobbled and a streak of light flashed towards Bai Liu Jing’s direction!

Bai Liu Jing was different from those guards. His cultivation wasn’t bad at all, and his cultivation was currently at Defensive Profound Realm Nine level. In the South Yue Kingdom, he was considered as one of the top experts.

As he saw the sword glint flashing over, he instinctively withdrew the sword which was hung around his waist to deter the attack.

However, Mo Yi’s speed was extremely fast, faster than what he had imagined!

Bai Liu Jing’s finger had yet to tough the sword hilt when the flexible sword had heavily struck on his face!

A streak of deep scar running from the top to the bottom, inflicting by the sword, had split his face deep into the bones, causing his face to be split into two parts!

Following that, with a flick of Mo Yi’s wrist, a third slash was drawn against Bai Liu Jing’s face!

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Bai Liu Jing’s face had already been reduced to a à shape as his flesh split open and blood was spurting outwards, his face beyond recognition!

There were shrilling screams from all around.

Bai Liu Jing’s entire body was trembling from the pain as his eyes were shrouded in a blood mist, unable to see clearly what was happening in front of him. He could barely make out a blurred figure slowly walking closer to him.

Following that was Huang Yueli’s voice from the top of his head.

“Second Uncle, this huge gift that your niece had gifted, do you like it? If you feel it’s not enough, I can return you two-fold!”

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Chapter 531