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Huang Yueli’s back was still facing the main hall so Bai Liu Jing had not recognised her at the first instance.

Seeing that the opponent had not only injured the people in his residence, that person was totally ignoring him made Bai Liu Jing even more enraged.

He heavily swept his sleeves and in an enraged tone, he shouted, “What kind of place did you think the Valiant Martial Manor is? I think you must have a lot of guts to even dare to make a scene here! Men, take this fool down! Let’s see who is more arrogant!”

Bai Liu Jing turned around and upon his command, the guards in the manor responded by charging towards Huang Yueli and Mo Yi.

As the person who was injured was a gatekeeper, who was a normal person with no cultivation, the manor’s guards confidence raised, believing that they were proud practitioners who had helmed in various battles. With their mountainous experience, to take down a petty thief who was causing the disturbance was surely as easy as frying up a small plate of appetizer?

However, the truth was the exact opposite.

As the guards rushed out, before they could even reach a distance of one hundred meters, a silvery glint flashed past.

Following that was a continuous “Thud thud thud” sound.

All the guards were, at the same time, flying towards the direction of the main hall!

Moreover, every single one of them by lucky coincidence had fallen into the main hall, stacking nicely on top of each other, blocking the entire entrance. The remaining few were unable to fit in so as they crashed on top of the human pile, it subsequently fell out from the door.

Similar to the gatekeeper earlier, right in the middle of their faces displayed a long gaping wound which was inflicted by the Soaring Heavens flexible sword. With their bloody faces along with the wound which revealed the whites of their bones, it looked extremely horrifying!

There were quite a number of guests who had come for the celebratory event in the main hall, who were terrified by this scene. Shrill cries and screams could be heard constantly.

At this moment, Huang Yueli turned around and looked towards the direction of the door.

Following that, she took a glance at Mo Yi and with an unpleasant look, she said, “I don’t recall the order to reward them right? Isn’t it a waste to reward these garbage?”

Mo Yi immediately took a step backwards and replied with a guilty look, “Y..Yes, your subordinate was too nosy. Third Miss, please punish me.”

Huang Yueli waved her hand as she replied, “Sigh, forget it. Next time be more attentive.”

“Yes, your subordinate understands.”

Hearing the two of them conversing, the surrounding people reached a peak of silence.

So the flexible sword’s stabbing was called as a reward! And not everyone had this privilege! This type of reward, who would dare and be able to accept it?

Of course, what was more flabbergasting was that seemingly ordinary guard in black clothes held extreme power!

Everyone present had heard that the guards at the Valiant Martial Manor were all experienced in various battles and not many had dared to provoke them. In the end, so many people….. were sent flying by just one person?

And they were powerlessly oppressed. In one single move, all the guards had been seriously injured…..

This was really terrifying…..

And to be able to use such a powerful practitioner as her guard, who and what was this young lady’s background?

As the crowd looked at Huang Yueli, a few were already able to recognise her.

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“That is…. The Third Miss of the Bai family! It’s Bai Ruoli!”

“That’s right, after what you mentioned, I also managed to recognised her, it’s really her!”

“Oh it’s her, no wonder she has such a powerful bodyguard!”

“But why did she injure the Valiant Martial Manor’s guards? Isn’t the Marquis her uncle?” a puzzled bystander inquired.

The people next to him secretly stole a glance at Bai Kiu Jing and intentionally lowered his voice as he spoke, “It’s something that most people didn’t know. It was said that Marquis was bias to his daughter, and in the past they had their share in bullying the Third Miss. So both parties were no different from enemies.”

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Chapter 529