Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 528

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Towards the icy cold expression in Huang Yueli’s eyes, the gatekeeper suddenly sobered up.

He finally realised that something was not right.

This seemingly ordinary young lady, seemed…. extremely complicated! S..Sh..She… couldn’t be here to kiss up a fuss right?

“Arg, this… this miss…..” the gatekeeper cannot help to take a step backwards as he wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Huang Yueli laughed icily and turning towards Mo Yi who was standing behind she asked, “Where’s the Soaring Heavens sword that I had refined previously?”

Mo Yi drew out a flexible sword from his realm ring and respectfully handed it over to Huang Yueli.

“Third Miss, please take a look.”

Before she entered the Dark Moon Forest, she had refined several Profound Weapons, with the consideration to distribute among Li Moying’s bodyguards. Those extra ones would be auctioned off at the Thousand Treasure Pavilion. This flexible sword was gifted to Mo Yi.

Precisely because this sword was not only pliable and tough, it was also long and slender with a silverish colour, named Soaring Heavens, was a fourth grade upper grade armament.

Huang Yueli swept her gaze over the flexible sword and asked the gatekeeper, “How is it? This gift is pretty good right?”

Although the gatekeeper was a snob and had not seen too much of the world, but this sword emitted a special feeling from the others. Just by looking at the appearance, even an ordinary person would be able to judge that this was an extremely high grade quality Profound Armament.

As for the surrounding practitioners, their eyes almost popped out of their sockets and everyone were secretly discussing where did a rich tycoon suddenly popped out to have delivered such a priceless treasure!

The gatekeeper hurriedly replied, “Not bad, not bad, Miss is indeed generous.”

Huang Yueli’s lips slightly curled as she turned her head towards Mo Yi and said, “Reward him!”

The gatekeeper was dumbstruck and an overwhelming delight rushed into him!

Reward… him? Did the lady mean to gift him such a valuable flexible sword as a reward?

What background did this lass come from, to be such a spendthrift? Couldn’t she tell that this sword was extremely valuable?

Aiya, this time he had really met a nobleman, heaven actually gave him such a good opportunity!

The gatekeeper was all smiles as he prepared to receive his reward.

Suddenly a glint of light flashed past him, fast as lightning.

He felt a throbbing pain on his head as if his brain had been sliced into two halves, and immediately lost conscious.

Amongst the crowd, the gatekeeper’s body flew outwards, into the Valiant Martial Manor’s pavilion, directly into the main hall and crashed heavily onto the ground.

His face had a deep scar from the sword, all the way from the roof of his head passing his nose bridge, chin till his waist. Wherever the scar ran across, his flesh split apart and blood sprayed everywhere with his bones exposed.

A terrified expression hung on the crowd’s face as they looked at Mo Yi.

Mo Yi’s hand was still holding on to the flexible sword stained with blood, but his expression remained peaceful as if he had just patted the dust off, and not soberly injuring a person viciously.

This method and this stance…..

Everyone gave a shudder and ran backwards in shock.

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Mo Yi bowed at Huang Yueli and reported, “Third Miss, I’ve rewarded him with a sword but that guy didn’t seem to have the fortune of accepting your reward.”

Huang Yueli laughed lightly, “Well executed. Although his fortune was bleak, we can still reward his Master later on. It’s all the same.”

“Yes, your subordinate obeys Third Miss’s orders.”

Saying that, a shuffling of footsteps can be heard from the direction of the Main Hall.

Bai Liu Jing appeared headfirst, furiously berating, “Who dares to create havoc at the Valiant Martial Manor? Come out before me this instance!”

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Chapter 528