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“One more thing, make sure you always carry the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror on you. The wine that I fermented with the Saint Spring Water, you must drink it every day. Although the effect is not that obvious now, but if you persevere, it would definitely be advantageous…..”

“Another thing is during the night of the full moon, you must never be alone. The pills that Divine Doctor Liu had refined, remember to take it on time. If the accident like what happened a few days ago, happens again, it will make everyone worried about you and your body is also not able to take the stress from this…..”

“Oh yes, any idea what happened to Li Lingchuan? Although he is a Sixth degree realm practitioner, even if he jumped from the flying ship, he should not die from it. He will definitely go and look for you, so you must take caution…..”

Huang Yueli had only intended to bid him with one sentence – “Take caution on everything” but who knew once she started, she suddenly worried about plenty of other things. So she started to brief about this and that, and unknowingly, she had said a bunch of stuff.

Li Moying looked at her as his smile grew wider and wider.

Sensing the man’s gaze, Huang Yueli suddenly brought herself to a halt, looking very embarrassed.

“Alright, that’s about it. I’ll just…. stop here for now…. Hey, why are you staring at me for? And you keep chuckling. What’s so funny for you to keep laughing?”

Li Moying couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud but when he saw Huang Yueli’s utterly discomfited look paired with her eyes rolling up, he gave out a stifled cough and finally stopped.

“I was smiling because I thought you were just too lovely.”

Huang Yueli pouted her lips and ignored him, so Li Moying hurriedly explained himself.

“It’s true, Li’er! I just discovered that you’re actually very meticulous and virtuous. You had already thought of everything for me. In future when we get married, you’d definitely be a thoughtful wife…. I feel that I’m the luckiest man on earth so happiness shot up to my head and I was smiling all ears because of that…..”

“Lucky… Lucky your big head! When did I agree to marry you?” Huang Yueli stomp her feet, feeling that her top of head was going to shoot out fumes very soon.

Li Moying mumbled, “Didn’t you? You were obviously admitting it in front of everyone else that you’re my fiancée?”

“That was just an advantageous ploy, how many times do you want me to repeat it!” Huang Yueli glared at him.

Li Moying could only snub his nose and replied, “Alright, alright, an advantageous ploy…..”

He was plotting in his heart to turn a drama into reality. What’s more, their engagement was not fake. Anyway, he should just register the fiancé-fiancée status first before they actually went further.

By the time Huang Yueli had accustomed to his presence, how would she be able to fly out of his palms in future?

Upon seeing that he had admitted his mistake, Huang Yueli pursed her lips and said, “En, as long as you don’t sprout rubbish….. then I….. I’m really making a move now. Good…..”

Before she could complete her sentence, Huang Yueli felt a pulling sensation from behind.

Li Moying had pulled her into his embrace and lowering his chin, he teased smilingly, “Just going to say goodbye in this fashion? Li’er, you seem to have forgotten something?”

“What?” Huang Yueli looked at the peerless appearance that had gathered in front of her, and felt slightly faint.

Li Moying replied, “When couples bid farewell, don’t they always end with a goodbye kiss?”

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“Goodbye…. Kiss…..” Huang Yueli suddenly retracted her thoughts and retorted, “Kiss what goodbye. I told you already, we’re not a real cou….. mm mmm mmmmm!!”

When he heard the words that he didn’t like to hear, Li Moying lowered his head hastily and used his lips to stuff the words back into her mouth.

However, this kiss only lasted briefly.

Li Moying lowered his head, their lips barely touched with a half-hearted attempt.

The cool and sexy lips and a pair of delicate and tender pink lips had briefly touched each other and came apart.

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Chapter 525