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“Royal Brother, this… how did you end up like this? What exactly happened?” Li Xue’er’s face was filled entirely with shock.

Crown Prince stared at her and speaking through his clenched teeth, every single word hissed out from the gaps in between his teeth!

“Li Moying! It was entirely Li Moying’s fault that I became like this! I must quickly recover and think of ways to kill him, and grind his bones into ashes! Oh, that’s right, there’s another person, and that’s Bai Ruoli, that slut! If not for her, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a terrible state!”

Li Xue’er stood dumbstruck, “Bai Ruoli? The person you’re talking about is Bai Liu Feng’s daughter, that trashy Third Miss at Valiant Martial Manor?”

“That’s her!” Crown Prince venomously hissed, “She’s no trash at all and she’s now at Qi Profound Realm, Nine Level! What’s more, she…. had long been in cahoots with Li Moying, making me wear the green hat, that fickle woman!”

It was all the Crown Prince’s own fault that he was the one who refused to admit the engagement initially, fully intending to marry Bai Ruo Qi instead. And this entire thing had nothing to do with Huang Yueli at all but Crown Prince would never think in this way.

In his wishful thinking, he had chosen Huang Yueli but she had refused the marriage with him. To make matters worse, she had gotten herself engaged to his biggest foe Li Moying. This… was her betrayal to him!

Li Xue’er’s face flashed hints of viciousness.

“Wasn’t it just the Qi Profound Realm Nine Level? What’s so great about that? Royal Brother, don’t worry. Just nice, I have here with me, a Bone Vessel Replenishment Pill. It will be able to treat your meridians! As for those cheap sluts, whoever dares to go against us will only await a tragic end!”


Another night had passed.

The sky was slowly breaking into dawn.

A huge flying ship gradually descended on the wilderness of the South Yue Kingdom’s outskirts.

That scene was witnessed by the surrounding civilians and caused a huge commotion and many spectators to surround nearby.

In a small country like the South Yue Kingdom, there had never been an appearance of a flying ship, to the extent of not even hearing about it. Only seasoned practitioners had only see a sketch of the flying ship from a painting and had never encountered the real deal.

Even so, all the spectators only dared to see it from afar, not daring to go any closer.

It was obvious that to be able to own a flying ship, it would naturally be some shocking peerless expert. Who would dare to risk offending such a powerful person and go nearer to take a look?

On the deck of the flying ship.

Li Moying personally sent Huang Yueli down from the ship.

The both of them walked alongside on the deck all the way to the ramp before they stopped.



Both of them turned towards each other at the same timing and spoke out.

After a moment of astonishment, Li Moying’s lips curled upwards, the sharp blossom-shaped eyes showed a hint of gentleness, “Li’er, what were you going to say?”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and said in a low tone, “Nothing, then I….. I’m leaving now.”

Li Moying stared at her, and said in a dissatisfied tone, “What? Are these really what you wanted to say?”

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Huang Yueli nodded, “Yup!”

“Is there really nothing else?” Li Moying was extremely discontented, continued his unforgiving questioning.

Huang Yueli looked at his arrogant expression and suddenly felt it was slightly comical. Such a cool and overbearing man, in front of others, he held an aloof and desolate look, but in front of her…. he was actually very cute.

Her heart softened and thinking that since it would be some time before they met again, so she put down her proud façade.

“You… you have to take note of your own safety. I know your power is very strong and you’re not afraid of any danger, but it doesn’t hurt to be more prudent. You never know when the ship will overturn in a moment of negligence. By then you’d have suffered a loss…..”

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Chapter 524