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The Seventh Princess, Li Xue’er was brought to the Empress’s palace immediately.

When the Empress saw her, her tears couldn’t stop flowing, “Little Seven…..”

Anxiety spread all over Li Xue’er face and when she saw the Empress sobbing, she hurriedly rushed up to help her up.

“Mother, what happened? Stop crying! When I receive the your letters, it wasn’t stated very clearly. What exactly happened? Why did Royal Brother suddenly get injured, to the extent of…..rupturing his meridians? In the South Yue Kingdom, who else would be able to hurt him!”

The Empress choked and fighting back her tears, receiving a silken handkerchief from the palace maid, she simply briefed though the happenings as she dabbed her face.

“It’s a long story, till today, I still find it unbelievable…..”

“That day, at the peach blossom banquet held by the Empress Dowager…..”

The more Li Xue’er heard, the more shocked she received as her eyes grew exceedingly large till her eyeballs almost dropped out from it’s sockets.

“Mother, you…. say it once again? Who… who did you say injured Royal Brother??”

The Empress was unable to suppress her hatred, “Who else! It’s the Second Prince that the hussy had given birth to – Li Moying!”

Li Xue’er was still in a state of shock as she blinked her eyes, she felt that she must have misheard somewhere along the line.

“Mother, you are saying….. second brother injured Royal Brother?? Am I hearing things? Th… this… how can this be possible? Second Brother had always been weak from birth. Not only can he not cultivate, what’s more, wasn’t he about to lose his life anytime? Where on earth would he have such abilities to injure Royal Brother who was in the Defensive Profound Realm, seven stage?”

The Empress clenched her teeth as she spoke, “He’s no wastrel! He had all of us completely fooled! In actuality… his cultivation was so high that not only did he injure your Royal Brother, even the Imperial Tutor was inflicted serious damage. He had rested for half a month and it was only these few days that he recovered slightly.”

“How…. How could this be? I must still be dreaming?”

Seventh Princess pinched herself hard on her thigh and immediately shrieked in pain.

“I’m not in a dream, don’t tell me this is for real?”

The Empress responded, “I too wish that this is not real! But alas, this matter…. cannot be truer than a pearl! Your Royal Brother is now severely injured. Not only is the medical institute not able to cure him, even the divine doctors from our neighbouring countries whom I had painstakingly invited, are able to cure him!”

Saying to this point, the Empress started to be agitated and grabbed hard on Li Xue’er’s arm.

“Xue’er, your Royal Brother said if we brought you back here, perhaps you will have a way to save him! Is this true? Do you really have a way? Your Royal Brother is now depending on you. If you too do not have a way to save him, then he’s really a goner!”

Li Xue’er frowned and patted the Empress’s hands.

“Mother, please don’t fret. Your daughter will not leave my Royal Brother like this. But… you mentioned that Second Brother had suddenly become a top-notch pugilist, and even injured Royal Brother and Imperial Tutor? This… this is preposterous!”

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“Sigh, you little lass! It’s better that you take a look at your Royal Brother with your own eyes! By then, you will realise what had happened!”

Li Xue’er followed the Empress into the sleeping chambers behind.

Upon opening the door, a piercing alcoholic smell whiffed out, mixing with a strange sourish smell, the odour was unbearable.

Li Xue’er subconsciously covered her nose and frowned.

The Empress used her hanky to cover her mouth and said, “Mojun, you… why have you started drinking again?”

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Chapter 522