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Li Moying raised his head slightly and locking her arms in front of him, he said in a love-hate tone, “You little thing with no no conscience, every day you must conjure different ways to drive me up the wall!”

Huang Yueli was vexed to the peak.

What happened to her, why was she easily settled with just a kiss from him?

She used her might and pushed Li Moying from advancing, “You’re too much, I’ve told you that you cannot just kiss me without notice!”

Li Moying raised his brow. Although he was rejected, but he was not upset.

Because in that earlier passionate kiss, Huang Yueli had unknowingly accepted it, which deeply delighted him.

And he had heard from Mo Yi that when he was unconscious, Huang Yueli had shown different ways of protecting him.

This little lass must be feeling shy….. that right, this little fox was just fourteen and had yet to reach the marriageable age, so to show resistance towards relations between the two sexes was perfectly normal.

Anyway what he had were time and patience, so he need not push her too hard now. He can slowly, bit by bit tear her down and digest her up…. That would be another type of feeling.

As Li Moying thought of these, he released his grip slightly and tried to amuse her, “Alright, don’t be angry. You’ll turn ugly when you are angry. These few days must have tire you out, right? Go rest a little in the cabin. When we have reached to South Yue Kingdom, I’ll wake you up.”

Huang Yueli nodded and turned to leave.


South Yue Kingdom, Capital.

A lavish carriage went through the city gates and as it travelled along the bustling and wide road, the sound of clopping against the ground was heard.

The carriage’s speed was extremely fast, the surrounding vendors nearby were not able to avoid in time and were sent reeling onto the ground.

It was only when the carriage reached the doors of the Royal Palace before it came to a stop.

The palace guards frowned, with an unpleasant expression.

For many years, there was no one who had dared to rush head in to the doors of the Royal Palace. Even a revered minister such as the Valiant Martial Marquis would stop their carriage three miles before the palace gates.

However, the person inside the carriage had not only stopped short of a few steps in front of the palace doors, and was still seated comfortably inside the carriage, showing no intention to alight.

Who on earth was it who could be so arrogant and despotic?

The imperial guard commander stepped forward and interrogated, “Who is that? How dare you rush towards the doors of the Royal Palace? What punishment do you think you deserve?”

The coachman had no intention of answering them. Instead he stepped down from the carriage and bowing courteously, he lifted the curtains.

Behind the curtains peeked out a dainty hand, following that, a young lady slowly descended.

Her looks were dainty, and an air of elegance eluded from her. She pursed her lips as though something was upsetting her.

“You…. you…..” The imperial guard commander formed a guess from one glance.

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The coachman impatiently whipped him, retorting, “Are you blind? This is our Seventh Princess! Why aren’t you sending someone to inform Her Majesty?”

The Imperial Guard Commander hurriedly knelt down, “Greetings to Seventh Princess!”

The news that the Seventh Princess had returned quickly reached the ears of the Empress.

When she heard the news, she agitatedly stood up from her seat, her eyes seemingly shedding some tears of joy.

“My little seven is finally back, finally back! I have been waiting for such a long long time! Mo Jun had been paralysed in bed for so long, and till now there are no signs of recuperation. If Little Seven is still not bad, I really have no idea what to do! Quickly, bring the Seventh Princess to my palace, and inform the Crown Prince of the return of the Seventh Princess!”

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Chapter 521