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Li Moying saw that she stopped struggling and his mood was instantly lifted, still embracing her in arms for some moments.

The both of them gazed together at the misty clouds as a streak of morning rays peeked out from the clouds, faintly discernible.

After some time, Li Moying spoke out, “In one more hour, one hundred miles northwards, we will be entering the boundary of the South Yue Kingdom. You’ll alight from the ship when time has reached.”

Huang Yueli was startled and gave him a surprised look.

“I….. alight from the ship at South Yue Kingdom, only me?”

Li Moying nodded, “That’s right. I must return to the Sect directly and cannot stay with you. My apologies, Li’er…”

He looked at Huang Yueli apologetically.

An indescribable feeling grew inside Huang Yueli.

She had never expect that Li Moying would take the initiative and suggested the separation! What’s more, it was at such an unexpected moment, so sudden and it had caught her unaware…..

In actual fact, she should be feeling happy over this as Li Moying would no longer pester her. She would no longer be caught in a dilemma and her emotions would not sway because of his overbearing yet gentle ways.

Her heart already belonged to someone else and it shouldn’t….. flutter just because of Li Moying’s proximity.

However, the truth was, upon hearing Li Moying telling her to alight from the ship, it wasn’t happiness that flowed into her emotions but rather….. frustration and unhappiness surfaced, similar to the feeling of being abandoned.

Heavens knows, Li Moying really wasn’t anyone to her and she had never accepted him so what was there to feel uncomfortable about?

She took a deep breath and quickly hid the fluctuations of her emotions before affirming, “Alright, I understand. I had intended to alight when the ship arrives at South Yue Kingdom and I still have a lot of other things to work on so I am unable to go to your Sect with you. Anyway I’m not a disciple from your Sect so if I, as an outsider were to go over, it would make things difficult for you, right?”

Li Moying thought she was angry and quickly tried to explain.

“Li’er, I don’t have any intention to abandon you, and you’re no outsider. You’re my fiancée! In future, if you visit my Sect, I guarantee that everyone will show you the due respect!”

“It was only the appearance of Li Lingchuan yesterday that I realised that something might have happened in the Sect so I must hurry back to take a look. The problem is we are still unaware of the entire situation and I’m worried that there may be potential dangers. If I were to bring you along and something happens to you, I will never be able to forgive myself! So I can only let you stay in the South Yue Kingdom for now. At least if it’s within the kingdom, no one would dare to play punk with you. After I have ascertained that nothing has happened in the Sect, I will immediately come over to look for you.”

After Huang Yueli heard his explanation, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Most the unhappiness in her heart momentarily dissipated.

Following that, she immediately spurned herself.

What was she feeling happy about? Li Moying’s constant worrying for her and his reluctance to give up was something that she should be vexing about instead!

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She bit her lips lightly and replied softly, “You…. you don’t need to look for me, I’m not concerned at all! It would be best if you don’t come!”

When Li Moying heard that, fury started burning up within him.

He turned her around and locked her shoulders before trapping her cherry lips, not wanting to hear any unpleasant words coming out from her delicate lips.

This kiss came threateningly, almost causing Huang Yueli to stop breathing.

By the time she was released, she finally realised that her arms, unknowingly, had wrapped around Li Moying’s neck and was in a position where she was obediently waiting to be kissed.

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Chapter 520