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Luo Jiyun held out the tray slightly.

Li Moying stretched his hand outwards to receive it but there was nothing.

Not knowing when, Luo Jiyun had held back the tray.

Li Moying’s cold glint turned towards him.

Luo Jiyun gave two dry laughs and said, “Senior Brother, this, this…. the food that Sister-in-law made smells wonderful. At one glance, you know it tastes yummy, can you share some with us?”

Li Moying kept silent and only glared coldly at him, sending the chills down Luo Jiyun’s back.

Shortly after, Luo Jiyun couldn’t bear this huge pressure and totally lost his fort. He obediently passed the tray over.

“Senior Brother, I was only joking, only joking….. but this porridge and dumpling, you really can’t share a little with us? I just wanted to taste a little…”

Li Moying received the tray and using the spoon, he drank a mouthful of porridge. The other hand was already holding up one dumpling and bringing it to his mouth.

An indescribable delicious texture slowly spread inside his mouth, the faint scent infiltrating his individual taste buds.

Li Moying couldn’t help but shut his eyes. He wasn’t very particular in terms of food but tasting the dumpling that Huang Yueli had specially made gave him an indescribable sense of contentment!

No matter what type of delicious fare he had taken in the past totally became passing clouds in front of this taste.

Li Moying kept silent and as his slender fingers stretched out once more and grabbed another steamed dumpling, his action was slow and graceful. Even if the action of using his fingers to hold the dumpling was coarse, but when he was the one doing it, it was still pleasant to the eye.

Luo Jiyun could only stare as him… and the dumpling in his hand. His eager eyes looked as if he was about to pounce to grab the dumpling.

Li Moying seemed to sense his gaze and after he swallowed the second dumpling, he gave him a charitable look.

“Why? Do you want a bite?”

Luo Jiyun nodded his head furiously, “Not only me, Brother Mos and the rest also want!”

Although Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San didn’t make a sound, the looks on their faces had told the truth!

Even after Lo Moying swept them a glance, his fingers stretched out and took a third dumpling.

At the same time, his voice slowly rang, “Want to eat? Find yourself a wife! This is what my Li’er made for me, so naturally it belongs all to me. Don’t even think about it!”

When he said “My Li’er”, his expression looked extremely cocky.

That look really deserved some punches. In actual fact, if he wasn’t Li Moying, Luo Jiyun would have pounced up and punched him in the face!

Damn, did he needed to be like this? He let them smell the food but refused to let them eat. It was evil enough and Li Moying had to purposely tempt them into thinking that they had a opportunity to have a bite. But he cruelly crushed their last hope…..

Luo Jiyun could only stared widely at Li Moying chewing the dumplings one after another and very soon that tray of steamed dumpling were all finished. Following that, Li Moying took up the spoon and started taking the porridge.

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The fragrance filled the entire room.

Luo Jiyun could feel his drool dripping as he cursed at least a thought times in his heart.

What was so great about having a fiancée? Showing off your love is very glamorous? Tsk! He, Luo Jiyun was also an innately skilled and handsome genius. If he wanted to find a wife, wasn’t that an easy task?

The only thing was, to be able to find someone as perfect as Sister-in-law…. There was probably none at all…

When he thought about this, Luo Jiyun’s face crashed downwards again.

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Chapter 515