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“Misunderstanding? You say that it’s a misunderstanding?”

When Li Moying heard her said this, his expression turned a little unsightly.

Only heaven knew that while he was in an unconscious state, the joy he felt when he heard Huang Yueli declaring that she was his fiancée while she blocked him off from the enemy!

At that moment, how he wished he was able to regain his conscious and pull her into his embrace to kiss her!

That was why he was able to regain his conscious in time eventually.

The feeling of excitement remained in his thoughts but…. this lass was now saying it was just a “misunderstanding”? And that she was saying it without any further thoughts?

Huang Yueli started to feel guilty from his stare.

“Ugh…. This…..” She didn’t know how to continue.

Even though Li Moying had saved her on several occasions, she felt touched by the gestures and was willing to give up everything to repay him, even if it meant giving up her life…. She wouldn’t even hesitate!

But if it meant for her to agree to marry Li Moying, that was impossible as in her heart, laid the shadow of another man….

Looking at the hesitant expression, Li Moying suddenly felt flustered.

Even though normally, this lass was always quick to reject him, but at this very moment, he had just returned from the doors of hades, so he was feeling especially unsettled, even more so than any other times.

At this moment, he desperately needed to hold on to something to verify the relationship between the both of them.

So as Li Moying looked deeply into the eyes of Huang Yueli, he suddenly forcefully held her chin, lowered his head and passionately kissed her.

His kiss was not gentle at all, to the extent of being brutal.

His lips heavily crushed that pink-coloured lips and he biting slightly on the tips of her lips.

When he heard Huang Yueli’s low moans of pain, he felt even more excited and kissed even more passionately than before.

It was as if he was trying to use this kiss to pass on all his despair, uneasiness, entanglement to this conscienceless lass, to let her know clearly the scorching feelings he had for her!

Huang Yueli initially pushed against Li Moying’s chest in a bid to escape but under the strong clamp-down of Li Moying, she had nowhere to hide and could only accept his forceful kiss.

As time went by, Li Moying’s kiss gradually turned from intense to gentle. Huang Yueli didn’t know what happened to her as her head was dizzy and subconsciously, she started to respond back to this man.

This man’s hug, the intimate exchange of their lips and teeth…. Made her feel at ease…..

Just as the two were kissing passionately to the state of oblivious, the door was suddenly interrupted by a “bang bang bang” knocking sound.

“Sister-in-law, have you woken up? How is Senior Brother? Were there any problems last night? I’ve been worried so I’m coming in to take a look at him!”

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After Luo Jiyun knocked, he didn’t wait for any response, simply opened the door and walked right in.

When he entered the room, he probed his head and looked towards the bed and stood dumbstruck at the original position.

On the spacious big bed was a couple with their clothes in disarray, and they were hugging each other passionately in a tight embrace. The blanket had fallen onto the floor from their entanglement.

Huang Yueli had originally immersed herself into the kiss but when she heard Luo Jiyun’s voice, she unexpectedly regained her senses started struggling again!

From the corner of his eyes, Li Moying had already spotted Luo Jiyun’s presence and although he was displeased with Huang Yueli’s resistance, he didn’t have any intention to let anyone see a live performance so subsequently he still reluctantly released Huang Yueli.

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Chapter 511