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Li Lingchuan’s footsteps slowed down considerably and in his heart, this thought kept swirling around.

Li Moying didn’t bother about him and shifted his glance back to Huang Yueli.

He held Huang Yueli’s waist and turned her towards him. With her face facing him, he stretched out his arm and cupping her face, a pair of ink black eyes focused entirely on her.

Huang Yueli’s face blushed fiercely by that pair of bottomless pupils and couldn’t help but push against his chest.

“Hey, what… are you looking at? Is my face dirty or something? Stop looking!”

Li Moying gave a gentle laugh, “Indeed it is dirty, like a little cat, as ugly as can be! Can’t you feel it for yourself?”

Huang Yueli immediately felt her rage flourished!

This man was only cute when he was sleeping; when he was awake, he could make anyone throw up blood anytime!

Did he know how to talk properly? She finally managed to save him and helped him escape the danger zone several times. Now that he was finally awake, not only did he show gratitude, he actually said she was ugly??

“Don’t look if you think I’m ugly? Let me go!” Huang Yueli stared at him.

Li Moying’s lips curled upwards and slowed leaned towards her, “I’m not letting go. Although ugly, you are, after all, my woman, so I won’t abandon you…..”

His voice still sounded slightly hoarse and when he spoke in his low-pitched voice, it contained another level of deep seduction, as if a small rock rubbing against the heart, causing Huang Yueli’s heart to tremble.

Subconsciously, she lifted her head and was sucked into a deep sea-like pupils. Those flawless features, his strong and deep presence could easily seduced any woman’s heartstrings…..

Li Moying saw her expression of enrapturement, and his smile deepened…..

In the near distance, on the ship’s railing, Li Lingchuan’s footsteps had deliberately became slower, and even to a halt.

He secretly turned to look at Li Moying and saw him and Huang Yueli in an embrace.

He had never seen such a gentle expression before. That lass….. was indeed Li Moying’s beloved woman?

Li Moying’s body stood tall and straight, the arm holding on to Huang Yueli’s slender waist looked like it was full of strength. He didn’t look like someone who had just regained his consciousness from a serious injury.

Had he…. already recovered?

Or was Li Moying trying to act tough, under his serious injury, so that he could cheat him to get off the ship?

Looking at Li Moying nonchalantly kissing Huang Yueli, this made Li Lingchuan unable to get the meaning.

Li Moying raised his head and from the corner of his eye, his gaze swept past the immobile Li Lingchuan.

“Why? What are you still hanging around here for? Did you think I won’t kill you? I’ll count to three, if you still don’t get lost, don’t blame me for not considering the fact that we are from the same Sect!”


The “Three” word had just came out when Li Lingchuan suddenly drew out his spear and pounced towards the direction of the duo.

The tip of his spear was pointing straight at Huang Yueli’s back!

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Li Lingchuan was considered as an unwavering man. Since he already knew that no matter how he guessed, he would not know the real answer, why not just directly try his luck!

What’s more, he had ninety-over percent confidence that Li Moying had yet to recover, otherwise he would never believe that Li Moying would be so kind-hearted!

Li Lingchuan was fast as lightning, his powerful Profound Energy instantly unleashed.

The person he was dealing with was the almighty Li Moying, whom was unmatched in a very long time! Li Lingchuan didn’t dare to have any signs of neglect nor luck, hence when he struck, it would be his strongest killer move!

It didn’t take a blink of an eye before his spear tip almost reached the back of Huang Yueli!

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Chapter 505