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Mo Yi and the rest settled the remaining resistance and those remaining, although they didn’t strike, Huang Yueli was worried that there might be some spies who had mixed themselves into the crowd.

Mo Yi listened to her instructions and hesitated.

“Third Miss, this is a flying ship. The ship will require a number of crew. If we were to clear everyone, I’m afraid there is no way this ship will be able to proceed…..”

Huang Yueli’s glance swept past everyone on the deck and she casually pointed as she said, “I don’t trust these few people, you must make them leave the ship! The positions they are occupying are not important, I can arrange for someone to fill in their places! Don’t worry, even if the flying ship was short of some people, it will still move!”


“Don’t hesitate any further, I can tell that…. Li Lingchuan is going to break out of the array anytime now!”

On the campsite not too far away, the sound of the tremors vibrated strongly and the ground was in a mess. Apparently the array would not last for a couple more breathes time and was going to be broken very soon!

Mo Yi didn’t hesitate further and hurriedly followed her instructions and chased those people whom Huang Yueli had picked, down the ship.

“The remaining people on board quickly assume your positions and drive the ship now!”

However, it was too late.

As a loud “RUMBLE” sounded, Huang Yueli’s array was broken to smithereens and a huge force caused the ship to vibrate.

“Go quickly!” Huang Yueli clenched her teeth as she urged them!

Li Lingchuan pointed his spear and snarled, “Want to escape? Impossible! You will have to all stay behind! Whoever dares to fly the boat, when you get on, I’ll kill you all!”

He sped forward and rushed towards the direction of the boat!

The disciples had already prepared to start the boat but when they saw the appearance of Li Lingchuan and heard his threat, momentarily no one dared to move!

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth and attempted to steer the boat herself.

However, her speed was simply too slow.

Li Lingchuan flashed and appeared in front of her, blocking her way.

On his handsome face was no longer that fake, peaceful look. In replacement was a sinister look with a cold glint fixating his glare on Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli didn’t attempt to run as she knew escaping with not an option.

She stopped her footsteps and coldly said, “Junior Brother Li, may I ask what can I do for you?”

“Do for me? No need!” Li Lingchuan’s smile was icy cold, “I just realised that you and Li Moying are just as irksome! I believe now that you are really his fiancée!”

“That’s good. Since the misunderstanding has been cleared, let’s all go on our separate ways and find our own mothers!”

Li Lingchuan glowered at her, “It’s too late for you to escape now! Since you’ve fallen into my hands, I will naturally ‘take good care’ of you! Who asked you to be Li Moying’s woman? What do you say… if I were to sleep with you. When he awakens, will he directly be angered till he enters the state of Qi Deviation?”

There wasn’t a trace of panic seen on Huang Yueli even after she heard this threat.

On the country, she calmly said, “Want to get me in your bed? I don’t think you’re quite there yet!”

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When he heard what she had said, Li Lingchuan started laughing with rage!

“I shall show you now if I have such an ability!”

Saying that, his pale-cold fingers started to reach towards Huang Yueli’s delicate face.

But before his fingertips could even reach Huang Yueli, he suddenly felt a painful sensation on his fingers.


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Chapter 503