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Since Li Lingchuan already knew in his heart the truth, naturally he wouldn’t be swayed any further.

He looked at the calm and collected Huang Yueli and couldn’t help but feel some bits of admiration for her.

Although this lass’s cultivation wasn’t much, her guts, however, was something above the others. As compared to those experts who were much higher levels than her, she didn’t bat an eyelid when plotting her scheme, nor did she appear flustered when she was exposed, as if she had a high chance of success…..

This bearing….. was truly worthy of being the woman behind the king…..

It was no wonder that Li Moying had good foresight and chose her.

Li Lingchuan couldn’t help but stared at her a couple more times before he spoke, “Indeed, I don’t believe you. No matter what you say to cheat me, I’m not going to believe it! Be it true or false, I’ll know once I touch him.”

Saying that, he couldn’t care less about Huang Yueli’s reaction and took a big stride forward towards where Li Moying laid.

Mo Yi and the rest had just heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that Huang Yueli had Li Lingchuan fooled but who knew the sudden appearance of Murong Ni turned the entire situation around.

As Li Lingchuan walked nearer and nearer, everyone started to fall into despair.

Looked like…. There was really no hope this round.

Luo Jiyun had long been held down by Li Lingchuan’s subordinates, so he could only helplessly look at Li Lingchuan moving forward. He couldn’t bear to see what will happen next so he shut his eyes and waited for that moment to happen.

But, the laughter that he had expected to hear from Li Lingchuan did not surface.

There was a sudden loud “bang” in the tent, followed by Li Lingchuan gritting his teeth as he said “Damn it!”

Huang Yueli shouted at the top of her lungs, “What are you guys waiting for? Quickly take action! Mo Yi, carry your Master and everyone else rush out of the tent!”

There seemed to be something weird about this scenario?

Luo Jiyun stared in astonishment as a row of traps suddenly arose in front of where Li Moying laid and Li Lingchuan had fallen onto the ground.

Huang Yueli was holding a Thunder Flame Ball in her hand and threw it directly towards Li Lingchuan’s face!

“I’d long said this, when you’re in your grandaunt’s array, that means you’re in my turf! Trying to stir up trouble in an Armament Master’s turf, you must be tired of living!” she mumbled to herself as she pulled a face at Li Lingchuan.

Although her words were pretty, but deep down in Huang Yueli’s heart, she knew clearly that based on Li Lingchuan’s power, she was not able to trap him at all! It was because Li Lingchuan had not expected her to secretly activate her traps and he was caught unawares, that was why he fell into her trap!

Even so, they didn’t have much time!

Luckily, Mo Yi and the rest reacted very quickly. The minute they say Li Lingchuan’s figure falter and fell downwards, they took action immediately.

Mo Yi rushed forward and dragging the stretcher, he flew towards the outside of the tent.

Mo Er and Mo San coordinated with Huang Yueli’s Thunder Flame Ball and released their strongest attack towards Li Lingchuan!

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In a moment, flames filled the surroundings and the entire tent was blown up into the sky!

Everyone knew they were not Li Lingchuan’s opponent so they didn’t dare to engage in a long battle. After they have struck their moves, they turned and ran off immediately.

When Luo Jiyun saw this, he suddenly felt energised and the internal injury which was dealt by Li Lingchuan didn’t hurt anymore. He immediately coordinated with Mo Er, cast aside the surrounding bodyguards and dashed out with Huang Yueli.

Although their actions were fast, Li Lingchuan wasn’t slow at all!

At the very moment that he fell, he subconsciously noted that he had been schemed once again, by the innocent looking lass!

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Chapter 501