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Li Lingchuan almost couldn’t recognise her!

Murong Ni looked very different from her usual unruly but dazzling appearance.

In his wildest dreams, he’d never expected the Junior Sister who had been pampered to the skies by everyone in the Sect, to appear before him in such a pathetic sight.

Although his heart was filled with shock, as he was well known for not showing any expressions. So he merely creased his eyebrows slightly.

“Junior Sister, what caused you to become like this? And…. You know this Miss Yue? Is she really Senior Brother’s fiancée?

“No! She’s absolutely not! How would Senior Brother choose her? She’s just another slut who is harassing Senior Brother! She took the opportunity and collude with Mo Yi and the rest when Senior Brother was unconscious, to harm me!” Murong Ni started screeching.

“Second Senior Brother, look at how pitiful I am, to have been bullied by her! All these injuries on me are caused by her! You must help me to redress my injustice!”

Murong Ni fell onto the ground crying hysterically, at the top of her voice. That stance was as if she had met her family!

But Li Lingchuan was indeed considered as her family.

Although Li Lingchuan and Li Moying were on loggerheads, secretly fighting over the future Sect Master’s position for many years, but towards the Sect Master’s youngest daughter, they took good care of her.

Li Moying was only giving face to the Sect Master so he was tolerant towards Murong Ni’s behaviour.

Li Lingchuan was different. He had secretly admired Murong Ni’s sister, Murong Fei for a long time, so in association, he treated this future sister-in-law well too.

Li Lingchuan looked at Murong Ni’s pathetic sight, he felt astonished and a little difficult to believe Murong Ni’s words.

No matter how he looked at this “Miss Yue”, she was just a first degree realm practitioner. And since she came from a small country like the South Yue Kingdom, he estimated that she didn’t have any good Profound Artifacts on her.

On the other hand, Murong Ni was the daughter of a reputable Sect, her cultivation is much higher and she had a survival trump card.

What ability did Huang Yueli have to bully Murong Ni to such a state?

He frowned, “Was it really this Miss Yue who did this to you? Why did she have the audacity to do this to you? Is she really Senior Brother’s fiancée?”

“No, I already said she’s not!”

Murong Ni stamped her feet in rage.

“This vixen used some underhanded methods to seduce Senior Brother and almost caused him to die! In order to save her, Senior Brother was seriously injured by the magical beast and later on was the full moon’s night. His symptoms suddenly acted up and his wounds on his back erupted! Senior Brother was so seriously injured that since the full moon’s night, he had been unconscious and have yet to awaken! Second Senior Brother, don’t be hoodwinked by her!”

Huang Yueli’s heart thumped wildly, chopping Murong Ni in several pieces!

She had already revealed the happenings so how could she continue to cheat him?

Li Lingchuan’s glare fell onto her at the same timing as his eyes glinted a hint of laughter.

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What Murong Ni said was apparently the truth. Li Moying….. had not awoken since the night of the full moon!

In that case, Huang Yueli was telling him lies!

He stared at that pretty face, his lips curled upwards and he said in a low voice, “Miss Yue, I’m starting to believe that you are really Li Moying’s fiancée! Your lies are very convincing, even I…. am almost cheated by you!”

Huang Yueli’s smile didn’t change.

“I’m cheating you? What I have said are the truth! It’s not up to me if you choose not to believe me!”

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Chapter 500