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By right, Li Moying’s soul should be damaged and he should be unconscious.

But after Huang Yueli’s deliberate narration, Li Lingchuan started to feel doubts.

Because Li Moying’s condition looked different from usual. In the past, after his condition acted up, his entire face would turn green and purple. Just one look and you would know that he was seriously injured.

But today… he looked like he was just sleeping!

This scenario had never happened before in the past…..

Huang Yueli saw that he didn’t give any reaction, shrugged her shoulders and said laughingly, “Junior Brother Li, didn’t you think that I was lying? Then what are you hesitating for? Quickly go over! If he was really unconscious due to his illness, he shouldn’t wake up no matter how you shake him!”

Hearing Huang Yueli said these, Mo Yi and the rest sweated profusely, anxious till their heartbeat nearly stopped.

Master’s future wife’s guts….was extraordinary! This type of words, she had dared to keep repeating!

If Li Lingchuan was agitated by what she said and he really went over to touch Li Moying, then the entire scenario would fail and by then, the few of them would have no place to hide!

However, compared to their frightened looks, Huang Yueli’s expression was calm and collected. A sarcastic smile was hanging by her mouth as if she was purposely provoke the other party!

The more she acted in this way, the more suspicious Li Lingchuan became, and the more he couldn’t get what she was up to!

If she was really lying to him… he only needed to move one finger to expose her. This lass was just in first degree realm, would she dare to make up such a big lie?

But if it’s true…..

To be honest, Li Lingchuan didn’t have the guts to provoke the conscious Li Moying. Even if he was seriously injured, the minute he woke up, it was enough to intimidate whoever who was using the opportunity to stir things up!

Li Lingchuan had long experienced several terrifying times when Li Moying flew into a rage!

Li Lingchuan was hesitant and Huang Yueli became even more pleased with herself.

“Mo Yi, please go and pack our things from the surroundings. I had asked you all to handle the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats corpses, have you settled it yet? Don’t forget to bring along those materials!”

“Mo Er, don’t forget the barbecue sauce that I gave you the other time. I took an entire month to marinate that one bottle, so if it’s lost, we’d have nothing else to eat!”

“Mo San, please pack up the items outside the tent and check if the stretcher is tough enough. When you’re carrying your Master later, be gentler and don’t awake him…..”

Seeing that this ordinary little lass not scared of his own power, Li Lingchuan went into deep thoughts.

He had never seen anyone being able to command Li Moying’s bodyguards before.

Huang Yueli actually managed to tame them?

Could it possibly be that she really was Li Moying’s fiancée and Li Moying… was indeed just sleeping?

If that was the case, he shouldn’t go and disturb the tiger in its den and since matters have yet to blow up, he should quickly pack up and leave…..

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Just at this moment, the tent’s hanging screen was pulled open.

“Second…. Senior Senior Brother, don’t be fooled by this slut, Yue Li. Her… her mouth doesn’t contain any real words!”

This voice sounded extremely familiar and everyone turned to take a look.

Murong Ni appeared at the entrance.

Her entire face was filled with blood and she could barely stand. Her fingers were gripping tightly against the sides of the tent to stabilise herself and her eyes were filled with hatred, staring daggers at Huang Yueli.

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Chapter 499