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Just at this critical moment, a clear voice echoed from outside of the tent.

“Stop! Who dares to touch Mo Yi and the rest?”

Everyone looked towards the door with query.

The slender and graceful figure who slowly walked in was Huang Yueli.

Even though she had constantly rushed around and refined armaments for seven days continuously, her clothes were dirty and her face showed signs of tiredness, her eyes were clear and penetrative and there was nothing to pick on her dignified temperament.

When Li Lingchuan first looked at her, his eyes brightened.

His vision was different from the rest. On first look, he could tell…. that this juvenile looking lady was not simple.

Luo Jiyun, Mo Yi and the rest fretted when they saw Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli appearing in front of Li Lingchuan was not a good matter. Li Moying was still unconscious and he could not protect her. If Li Lingchuan had wanted to use her to attack Li Moying, there was nothing anyone could do to stop him!

The few of them used eye contacts to hint Huang Yueli for her to leave quickly.

Even though their eyes were going to cramp up, Huang Yueli appeared as if she had not seen anything. Her footsteps slowly but steadily walked closer.

Li Lingchuan’s gaze stopped on her and as he watched her walk in front of him, his eyes reflected an undetectable interest.

“Who are you? Why did you stop my men from taking action?”

He looked at the immobile Li Moying then looked at Huang Yueli and when he opened his mouth to speak, he used an unsuspecting tone to test her.

“Don’t tell me… you’re one of the women who admires Senior Brother?”

Huang Yueli indifferently swept a glance at him and said, “I am not. I am…. Li Moying’s fiancée.”

“What? Senior Brother has a fiancée?” Her words gave him a big shock.

“That’s right. I’m Li Moying’s fiancée, Mo Yi and the others’ future Mistress. Li Moying is unconscious so they must listen to my orders! Who are you to lay orders on other people’s subordinates?”

Li Lingchuan’s eyes squinted as he stared at Huang Yueli for a while. He suddenly thought of something and slowly let out a smile.

“You are Senior Brother’s fiancée? I think you must be thinking too much? The women who admire Senior Brother are plentiful! A woman like you… in terms of looks, you’re just above average. In terms of innate skill, the distance is heaven and earth. He will be willing to get engaged with you? Do you think that since he’s unconscious, you can pretend to be his fiancée?”

He was clearer than anyone on Li Moying’s luck with ladies. The women who chased him were countless. Every other day there would be someone who claimed to be his fiancée, and without a doubt, every single claim was fake.

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This was one of the main reasons why Li Lingchuan could not stand Li Moying.

He was obviously the charming handsome man but he paled in comparison when he stood beside Li Moying.

In the eyes of those ladies was only Li Moying. However, Li Moying had an expression filled with coldness, rejecting all of them far far away. He had broken countless hearts of these young ladies.

Daughters from large Sects with innate skills that high, looks that beautiful and their parentage so elegant, however Li Moying could never find anyone suitable. How would he ever choose someone as common as Huang Yueli?

Li Lingchuan naturally categorised Huang Yueli as one of those who admired Li Moying. In order to stop him from bringing Mo Yi and the rest away, she had jumped out as an imposter.

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Chapter 496