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In actual fact, when Murong Ni heard what Mo Yi said earlier, she already knew that Yue Li could not be disturbed in her current state.

So the idea that she came out with had two routes, both of it were major disadvantages to Huang Yueli.

If they were to remind Huang Yueli to stop refining, even if the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was originally a success, it would end up failing because of the disruption and there was a huge possibility of incurring a serious internal injury or even enter the state of Qi Deviation.

If they don’t inform her and left without a word, as a first degree realm practitioner, she would be equivalent to a fat sheep waiting to run into a pack of wolves in the Dark Moon Forest. There was no way she could leave this place alive.

No matter which method they chose would be life-threatening situation.

If it was normal times, no one would leave Huang Yueli on her own.

But now that Li Moying was seriously injured, everyone was uptight and absent-minded. Including the fact that they had waited for three days, so they were feeling restless and worried that Li Moying’s condition might worsen due to the delay.

It was only under the current circumstances that Murong Ni had dared to voice out her opinions. She accurately guessed their mentality and knew that nothing was more important than Li Moying’s health at this point of time.

Weighing the pros and cons, the possibility of leaving Huang Yueli behind was much higher.

As expected, everyone fell into a short span of silence after they heard Murong Ni’s suggestions.

The smile on Murong Ni became more obvious and she was sneering in her heart, “Yue Li, just because Senior Brother stood up for you, did you feel complacent? Now everyone will abandon you because of Senior Brother, this is what you deserve!”

However, Mo Yi shook his head after a while.

“No. Myself, Mo Er and Mo San will not abandon Third Miss and leave without her. If the both of you cannot wait, you may leave first. But since you’re not able to guarantee Master’s safety, we will not allow you to bring away our Master.”

Murong Ni’s smile froze as she had never expected to hear such an answer.

She immediately turned anxious, “Brother Mo Yi, how can you do this? Aren’t you worried about Senior Brother’s condition? Are you going to allow Yue Li, that lass to do as she wish? If Senior Brother’s cultivation really reversed, leaving him injured for the rest of his life, what are you going to do about it?”

Mo Yi replied, “The situation you are describing is possible…..”

“Then why are you not hurrying to leave with us?” Murong Ni hurriedly cut into his words.

Mo Yi shook his head and calmly replied, “But I’m very sure that Master can throw away his life just to ensure that Third Miss do not get injured. If he finds out the truth later that we ignored Third Miss’s safety and left without permission, he will definitely not let us off. As servants, we cannot defy our Master’s orders, so we seek Miss Murong’s understanding.”

Mo Yi’s words were neither obsequious nor supercilious.

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Although he said to ask Murong Ni for her “understanding”, in actual fact he had already given the answer, which was they would definitely not leave.

Murong Ni had not expect Mo Yi to be so insistent. Her satisfactory plans were going to be overturned and she started to be anxious.

She turned her head and looked at the position of Huang Yueli’s Spirit Gathering Array and a sinister expression flashed past her eyes.

She suddenly stood up and walked towards the Spirit Gathering Array.

“Junior Sister, what’s wrong? Why are you walking over there for? Luo Jiyun found it weird and questioned her.

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Chapter 484