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In her past life, due to the Huang Yueli’s high level of skills and innate gift, she was one of the talents in Soaring Heavens Continent, so she had never to worry about this.

But now, she was facing a severe challenge.

Based on her first degree realm’s cultivation, if it was any other normal armament master, no matter what innate gift they had, there was no way to refine a second grade Profound Armament!

Moreover, the item she wanted to refine was a fourth level upper grade Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror and she had intended to add in modifications to make the Profound Armament to advance to the fifth level!

This was an unimaginable dream for most people!

Huang Yueli used the strong concentration that had been left over from her past life, mounts of experience that she had gained and a strong determination and willpower, she vowed that she would challenge this impossible task!

She gathered all her Profound Energy and put her best foot forward.

For Li Moying…. She must do it!

In the armament furnace, different materials were starting to melt. But it was still in regiments and were contradicting one another, refusing to mould together.

Huang Yueli’s expression was solemn and she kept the incantation gestures going.

No matter how serious anything was, one hundred percent of the time, her heart always remained calm and patient.

She knew more than anyone else that the more rigorous a challenge was, the more she must remain calm and collected. In this way, she would be able to bring her potential to the highest level!

Time slowly passed by.

Outside the array, the sky had turned slightly dark and slightly brightened up again.

However Huang Yueli was unaffected by the changes happening outside.

She put in all her concentration into the materials in the armament furnace, not daring to let her mind wander.

Finally, a “pffft” sound gently echoed and the materials in the furnace suddenly bubbled, letting out a pungent smoke.

Huang Yueli gazed at the golden, purified liquid and her eyes reflected a smile.

Finally….. the convergence step was completed.

The next step was to add in the Profound Lunar Jade.

With a flick of her fingers, the greyish rock that Huang Yueli had dug out from the mountain wall was flung into the furnace.

The instance that rock fell into the molten liquid, something unexpected happened.

The originally unremarkable greyish rock suddenly slipped out of its original colour and slowly became lighter until it finally became crystal clear. Under the flames, it sparkled brightly as if it was the most beautifully cut gem on earth.

The Profound Lunar Jade blended into the molten liquid and melted in the fastest possible speed.

The liquid in the armament furnace also became a bluish green colour and it vaguely let out a gust of cold air. The flowing speed gradually became slower and slower, showing signs of being frozen!

Huang Yueli’s expression became increasingly deep as she knew this was the crucial moment that the Profound Armament would form into its shape.

She took a deep breath and her hand movements became even more prudent!


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Outside the Array.

Mo Yi, Mo Er, Mo San, Luo Jiyun and Murong Ni took turns to guard the unconscious Li Moying. This was already the third morning.

Luo Jiyun looked at Li Moying who was lying in the tent and took a deep sigh.

“Sigh, why is Sister-in-law taking so long to refine the Profound Armament? Could there have been an accident? I really wish to go in and at a look at the situation!”

Mo Yi immediately replied, “Master Luo, you might not know about this but refining armaments are normally time and energy consuming. It is especially so for fourth level upper grade Profound Armaments such as the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror. It will take at least seven days and now it has only been three days, so there’s still a long way to go!”

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Chapter 482