Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 481

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After Huang Yueli had set up the array, she patted the dust off her hands and chased everyone out.

“Alright, don’t anyone of you dare to come disturb me, and don’t allow anyone or any magical beasts to barge in and break my momentum! I’m going to start now so wait for my good news!”

Once everyone had left the boundary of her vision, Huang Yueli touched the crux of the array and activated the array.

Surrounding array patterns lit up and a strong Qi Vitality Array came alive instantly.

She extracted an armament furnace from the Sky Phoenix Ring. This armament furnace was the one which Li Moying and herself obtained from Master Yun Tian’s cave.

This furnace was even able to refine a half gold relic, so refining a fourth level upper grade Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was a piece of cake.

With this armament furnace and paired together with True Phoenix Fire and Amethyst Thunder Flame, the Profound Armament that was refined would definitely breakthrough the usual quality.

To Huang Yueli, there was only an unexpected regret.

That regret was, she had originally planned to advance to the second degree realm before she started refining this armament. Li Moying had already gathered all the items and magical beast cores she required so if she could have a minimum of seven days of seclusion, she would be able to break through the second degree realm successfully.

After her advancement, her level of refining armaments would naturally be higher and she would definitely level up the quality of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror by quite an amount.

But the unexpected thing was Li Moying’s injury. Refining the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was the imminent priority so there was no time left for her to break through.

It was exactly because of this that Huang Yueli had to be even more prudent and took extra care in the preparations before she started refining. Her mission was to ensure that the refinement process was smooth sailing!

She carefully placed the armament furnace in the middle of the array and activated all the amplifying arrays.

Following that, her left and right hands flicked and two dazzling fire flames shot out from both her hands and shot into the entry point at the bottom of the armament furnace.

These two flames, one amethyst and one gold, were the Amethyst Thunder Flame and True Phoenix Fire!

Once these two hetero-flames, that she had refined, had entered the armament furnace, it burst with the wing and melded together to become a bundle of raging flames which shone amethyst golden rays.

A short while later, the armament furnace started puffing green smoke.

Huang Yueli took the opportunity to do a incantation gesture and silently chanted “Open!”

The furnace lid opened and she skilfully placed all the materials by her feet one at a time into the furnace.

With these hetero-flames cooperating, the materials in the furnace started to melt and converge together.

Convergence was the first step to armament refining.

Different materials had different attributes which might contradict one another and there might be impurities within which would affect the final product.

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Hence using the heat from the flames and the armament master’s skilful control to combine the different materials together and to refine the impurities which were not required, was the basics but yet it was the most important step!

If this step was poorly executed, when the product reached the final stage, it would fail through lack of effort!

Sometimes, explosions might also occur.

Convergence of materials was the most arduous step and yet it required the most amount of patience and concentration level must be extremely high. The expectation of the armament master’s Profound Energy was very great.

There were many armament masters whose cultivation levels were slightly lower but their skills were pretty good. However due to the lack of their Profound Energy, they were not able to support the long duration process so they were never able to refine the high level Profound Armaments.

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Chapter 481