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“Sister-in-law, how is it? Is the Profound Lunar Jade located here?”

Luo Jiyun caught up hurriedly and looked everywhere but he could not see anything peculiar.

Huang Yueli extracted a dagger from the Sky Phoenix Ring and used her might to strike it in between the wall of the mountain. Then she pried open a broken piece of rock and repeated her earlier movements and slowly chiselled more rocks.

Luo Jiyun saw that she was using up a lot of energy and hurriedly rushed over.

“Sister-in-law, do you need my help?”

Huang Yueli shook her head and replied, “No need, please stand further behind.”

Luo Jiyun heeded her advice and stood further back. Huang Yueli used the handle of the dagger and knocked hard on the mountain wall.

Earlier when she was slowly chiselling the mountain wall, she was actually drawing out a boundary around this region and between each distance, she left a chiselled mark.

Now upon her final knock, this region’s rock started to collapse onto the ground.

Huang Yueli walked to the front and slowly choose among the fallen rocks. Very soon, she picked up one piece in her hand.

“Alright, I’ve found it!”

When Luo Jiyun and the rest heard this, they excitedly surrounded her.

But their faces fell upon the first glance.

This rock was roughly around the size of a palm and the colour was greyish, its surrounding had uneven protrusions and didn’t look at all special.

“This… this is the Profound Lunar Jade?”

“This….. Third Miss, did you make a mistake?”

“The Profound Lunar Jade is a rare piece of gem. However do all fifth grade materials look like this?”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at them and said, “Things seldom seen are strange! Now who’s the Armament Master, you or me?”

Luo Jiyun wiped his sweat and replied, “Of course its sister-in-law, you… you are….. But….”

He wanted to ask more in-depth questions but Huang Yueli impatiently straightened her waist and said, “Alright, now that we have found the Profound Lunar Jade and Li Moying had already passed me the rest of the materials just before we entered the Dark Moon Forest. Without further ado, I shall start refining now!”

Even though Huang Yueli had mentioned that earlier, when they heard her decisiveness to start work immediately, everyone was slightly dazed.

“Oo…..this… Third Miss, you’re preparing to refine the armament here? Don’t… don’t you need a bit more preparation?” Mo Yi was dumbfounded.

Huang Yueli replied, “Spirit Jade mine vein has a special force field which improves the quality of the Profound Armament. This is the best place to refine the armament. I will set up a Qi Vitality Array over at the empty ground there and refine the armament. You will stay nearby and are in charge of defence! Although the surroundings look safe, but we had better take precaution than be sorry.”

“Yes, don’t worry about this. We will take turns to be on duty to ensure Master and your safety…..”

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Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s great. I am definitely assured with you in charge, Brother Mo Yi! I’ll leave the outside to you!”

After she had arranged all the remaining matters, she took out various materials from the Sky Phoenix Ring and proceeded to set up the array.

The level of the Qi Vitality Array was much higher than the Beast Diversion Array and was a genuine fourth level array. It was especially effective in the success rate of refining armaments so a lot of armament masters would set up this array in their refining room.

Since they were running out of time, the array that she set up was just a simple version.

Within such a short amount of time, she was able to set up a level four array. Just this alone nearly made Murong Ni’s eyes fell out.

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Chapter 480