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Listening to those words, the corners of Huang Yue Li’s mouth curved.

“This sounds……to be quite interesting”

The Defensive Profound Realm is the second realm for a martial practitioner. After the initial nine levels in the Qi Profound Realm, only one can attack the bottleneck towards that realm. This is completed by absorbing the profound qi around them and using it to create a thin layer around them, ascending to the Defensive Profound Realm.

For the Crown Prince to reach the Defensive Profound Realm Seventh Level at the age of twenty, he deserves to be called an outstanding cultivator.

Her precursor still had this type of verbal agreement with the Crown Prince. Furthermore, Bai Ruo Qi was secretly in love with the Crown Prince!

Linking it with the slandering rumors of her having an illicit relationship, forcing her precursor to suicide, had made everything crystal clear.

Judging from her assumptions, the Second Madam and Bai Ruo Qi were afraid that she might become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort, while secretly planting that hindering action. They wished for Bai Ruo Li’s reputation to sweep to the floor, killing her in the process. This would help prevent any ill omens to disrupt the good affairs between Bai Ruo Qi and the Crown Prince!

“Hehe, they really did calculate well!”

It was unfortunate, they bumped into her Huang Yue Li. As Bai Ruo Qi was destined to a tragic ending.

If this marriage were to succeed, then she will write the three words Huang Yue Li backwards!

Pondering internally for a short duration, she suddenly remembered something and asked: “Speaking of the Royal Family…I heard that the Owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion is also someone from the Royal Family. Is that true?”

Cai Wei replied: “This…rumors say that Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s hidden owner is the Emperor’s nephew, King Dong’An. Who knows if this is true or not?”

“King Dong’An?” Huang Yue Li thought for a bit.

This year, King Dong’An would be turning nineteen years old. According to what? they say, he was also gifted in cultivation, his talent just a bit less than the Crown Prince. He was also an Alchemist.

Alchemists were also a rare and valued profession. Adding on the fact that he was also part of the Royal Household, so controlling such a large and influential shop like Thousand Treasure Pavilion was not strange.

Could the one she met today, that mysterious man be King Dong’An?

But she constantly felt that something was not quite right. That man’s cultivation should have long surpassed the Defensive Profound Realm. And his extravagant style was not something a small country’s King would be capable of portraying. …

Valiant Martial Manor

Main Hall

Valiant Martial Manor’s Madam’s face expressed absolute grief. Using her handkerchief to wipe away the tears in her eyes, he tearfully cried out: “Manor Lord ah, look at our family’s Qi’er. She was abused and hit by that Third Girl to this state! How could she land such harsh blows ah. Qi’er is her blood related older cousin!”

As Bai Liu Jing of Valiant Martial Manor saw Bai Ruo Qi assisted by a maid walk over, he stood up in shock. In the process, he knocked over the tea cup on the table!

“This….this is Qi’er? How did she turn into this?”

After Bai Ruo Qi received Cai Wei’s slaps, she had turned into a true pig head. Not mentioning her two swollen red cheeks, her eyes seemed unable to open fully. Her tears also slid down her face non-stop.

This appearance, how could you see any trace of her usual fairy-like lightness and graceful as a cold beauty look?

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It had taken some time for Bai Liu Jing to recognise his most loved daughter. In fury, he asked: “What is this all about? Without any reason, why did Qi’er become like this? !”

Falling to the ground, Bai Ruo Qi began to cry out loudly.

“Dad, you have to support your daughter! It was because of my Third Younger Sister! That day when she was with a wild man, she lost all the face of Valiant Martial Manor! This daughter was worried that she couldn’t think it through, so I kindly went to visit her. But I was beaten by her…….”

Hearing her words, Bai Liu Jing’s fury skyrocketed, fumes shooting out. Viciously, he slapped the table beside him.

“Preposterous! She dared to strike with such heavy hands, hurting her elder cousin! She is too uncontrolled and undisciplined!”

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Chapter 48