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Huang Yueli lowered her sight and when she saw the wound on Murong Ni’s face and the pathetic sight, her face let out a disturbed look.

“Sigh, look at you, you look so pitiful! Let’s hurry, you’re left with seven kowtows, quickly finish up and go back into the tent to rest!”

Initially when she heard Huang Yueli saying “pitiful”, Murong Ni thought she found her consciousness and decided to let her off. But she had never expected that Huang Yueli’s next words were for her to continue kowtowing!

What’s more, Huang Yueli was really keeping track of the counting. Even if Murong Ni missed a few kowtows, she kept track of it very clearly…..

Murong Ni’s eyes turned black and fell flatly on the ground, her head slamming onto the ground hard.

“Thump”! This sound sounded much louder than usual.

Huang Yueli sized her up and said, “This kowtow is….. too nonstandard! But since the sound is loud enough, such a magnanimous person like me won’t haggle with you over this. So this is counted as one, there are still six kowtows remaining!”

This evil wretch actually dared to claim herself was magnanimous!

It was the first time in her life that Murong Ni felt that someone could be so thick-skinned, and it had to be this black-bellied female demon which nobody could oppose!

She hated Huang Yueli to the core but she had had no choice but to forced herself to concentrate and straightened herself up to finish the remaining six kowtows.

Huang Yueli replied, “Look, haven’t you completed? Hadn’t you kowtowed well, you’ve saved me much time! Next time be more straightforward and stop dragging or going back on your words….. otherwise, I won’t be so modest and hold back next time!”

This was considered “modest”?

Murong Ni held a mouthful of blood in her throat when she heard these words!

She glared at Huang Yueli, almost to the point of puffing out fire and kept cursing in her heart: Yueli, just wait and see! Someday I will get my revenge back and teach you a lesson! And I must let Senior Brother see your shamelessness!

Murong Ni’s resentful glare wasn’t unreciprocated.

But she didn’t take it to heart. What could she do to this unruly rich girl? If she didn’t learnt her lesson and continued to provoke her, she would definitely make Murong Ni regret it.

What Murong Ni didn’t know was, Huang Yueli had already told Li Moying about Murong Ni pushing her down the cliff.

She had innocently thought that after kowtowing to Huang Yueli, the matter would not be made known to others.

Huang Yueli was merely using this as an excuse to get her into trouble again.

When Li Moying awakened and recalled all the things that had happened before he became unconscious, Murong Ni was still going to get into trouble!

Huang Yueli walked straight into the tent.

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It was extremely quiet inside and Li Moying was alone reclining in the bathtub, with his bottom totally immersed in the Spirit Saint Spring Water.

Huang Yueli sat down on the magical beast skin opposite him and her gaze swept past that slightly creased brows, his dense eyebrows and that erect nose bridge and the pale cold lips…

Her gaze continued downwards to his slender neck, the sexy collarbone and that muscular shoulders…..

Every inch of his body was perfectly crafted beautifully without a single bit of flaw.

However, such an unexcelled man had become extremely weak, gripping Huang Yueli’s heart.

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Chapter 473