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What could they do, since she was personally chosen by Li Moying?

They could only say, Li Moying’s esthetics were perfectly normal. Too normal that the woman he had his eye on, was ridiculously strong and black-bellied till others could spit out blood, and was a perfect match with him.

As for the fact that they first felt this couple was a mismatch….. they could only blame themselves for being blinded in the first place!

Huang Yueli kept Little vulture and turned towards Murong Ni.

Earlier when Murong Ni was being chased by the Little vulture, she was pushed onto the ground and ended up in mud. Her face was perched by the Little vulture and blood was dripping out of the deep gash on her face.

She climbed up pathetically and when her hand touched her face, her eyes were filled with fear when she say her hand filled with blood.

“M…. My….My face….. what happened to my face? Yue Li, how dare you hurt my face, I’ll fight it out with you!”

Murong Ni pounced over intending to strangle her neck, but Huang Yueli shifted herself and move aside.

Just in that instance, Mo Yi had already moved himself in front of Huang Yueli.

“Murong Second Miss, don’t be rash! Master is still lying inside!”

“That’s right Junior Sister, don’t be overly excited. What happened between the two of you, how did you start quarrelling?”

Murong Ni furiously spat out, “Mo Yi, move aside, I must kill her! Didn’t you see, my face has been injured by her spiritual pet? If it leaves a scar, won’t I be disfigured? All of you have been deceived by her, she is a ruthless and cold-hearted woman who keeps trying to harm me!”

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrows and slowed uttered, “Now I finally understand what is a thief calling thief. If it wasn’t for my spiritual pet, I would have been hurt by your sneak attack, and now you’re claiming that I’m trying to harm you? Could there have been a funnier joke than this?”

In that instance, everyone’s mind wandered away.

Zhao Cai! They really didn’t hear it wrongly! That valuable golden vulture baby….. was called Zhao Cai!

They could only offer tears of sympathy. To suffer so much pressure at such a young age… poor thing…..

It was only after a while more that everyone reacted to the true meaning of Huang Yueli’s words. It was Murong Ni who sneaked an attack on her so she counter-attacked in self-defence.

No one doubted Huang Yueli’s words, because her performance recently had earned the same level of reputation as Li Moying whereas Murong Ni was just a craft and unruly rich girl. The words they spoke obviously held different weights.

Luo Jiyun knew his Junior Sister had caused trouble again and he felt very guilty over it. He was afraid Murong Ni would say something to anger Huang Yueli again so he forestalled her.

“Uh, Sister-in-law…. I’m sorry to say that our Junior Sister is still young and she doesn’t understand a lot of things yet, so please don’t hold it against her. May I know what happened between the two of you, how did you started arguing?”

“About this…. when we just came out, we had some differences about certain issues… so we just started arguing about it…..”

Huang Yueli purposely pointed out.

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Murong Ni’s heart thumped hard when she heard those words.

What did Huang Yueli meant by those words? Was she preparing to tell the truth about what happened on the cliff that day?

That must be it, she was definitely planning to mention this because she was taking revenge on the sneak attack!

Murong Ni was so anxious till she couldn’t wait to strangulate her to stop her from speaking.

But Luo Jiyun had to continue investigating, “Sister-in-law, what is that matter about? Please tell me what my Junior Sister had done wrong, I will definitely help you to lecture her!”

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Chapter 470