Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 47

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“Third Young Miss Bai, under the orders of this subordinate’s master, I have come to deliver something for you.”

Huang Yue Li recognized him. He was the personal bodyguard of that mysterious man. She couldn’t help but knit her eyebrows.

“Deliver what over? I do not need it?”

“Master said, if you see it you will definitely like it.”

Moving to the side, the bodyguard revealed the thing from behind him.

Observing the object, Huang Yue Li’s eyes widened; it was an exquisite Armament Furnace!

This furnace was about as tall as a person, much smaller than the usual sized furnace. The purple light that it released was the deciding factor that also set it apart from its peers, distinguishing itself.

Huang Yue Li someone who could understand the value of items. Instantly, she could tell that it was made of Amethyst-Green Gold, nine times refined. It would last, at least to the Seventh Tier!

There wasn’t anything that attracted an Armament Master’s gaze more than this. Furthermore, the furnace she currently used was that shoddy one she used eight hundred silvers to buy. This caused the furnace in front of her to become more praiseworthy and appealing.

That mysterious man was far too sinister and crafty. Gifting this over, how did he expect her to reject?

She nodded her head, “Then move it inside.”

A couple guards then ran in, swiftly carrying the furnace away. Listening to Huang Yue Li’s instructions, they placed it in the correct position. Simultaneously, they also carried in various chests filled with Third Level materials.

“Young Miss Bai, my master said these are here to help you advance to the Fourth Tier more quickly. These were especially prepared for you. If you have any other needs and wants, please go to Thousand Treasure Pavilion and seek out our master.”

“En, I got it.”

Money that is delivered to you, it would be waste to reject it. If she had known that this man was this great, she should have exploited him more.

Waving the bodyguard off, Huang Yue Li turned around to see Cai Wei staring at her foolishly.

“What is the matter?” She asked strangely.

Cai Wei walked over and shut the door securely. Finally she said in a hushed voice: “Third Young Miss, this is…….is this servant seeing correctly. Did a man just escort you home? And these armament materials, where they also gifted from him?”

“What’s the matter?”

A bit unpleased, Huang Yue Li pursed her lips together.

Cai Wei was nothing more than a serving girl. She could tolerate her fussing due to her great loyalty. But if she dared to involve herself with her private matters, that would be overstepping her boundaries!

Without delay, Cai Wei responded: “Third Young Miss, please don’t be angry. This servant doesn’t have any meaning. It’s only……a couple days ago, Second Madam accused you of having an illicit relationship with a man. If she were to find out you were out with another man, I’m afraid she would take the chance to defame you again…”

“I do not care. Let them say what they want!” Huang Yue Li shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

In the Soaring Heavens Continent, what spoke best was power. As long as she possessed enough ability, what harm can a few random rumors do to her?

“Ai-ya, Third Young Miss!” Cai Wei was worried, “Why do you not treat this seriously? Very soon the Crown Prince will be choosing his Imperial Consort. If word were to spread out, questioning your innocence, then you will have no chance of become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort!”

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For a moment, Huang Yue Li believed she had misheard.

“Eh? What Crown Prince? The Crown Prince choosing his Imperial Consort……..what has that got to do with me?”

Cai Wei answered: “Third Young Miss, do you not remember? Back when the Old Lord was still here, he and the Emperor had a verbal agreement to wed you and the Crown Prince. Since the the disappearance of the Old Lord, the matter was never discussed again. But with the Crown Prince preparing to choose his Imperial Consort nearing, the Emperor sent over people to inquire about your situation. It seems that you still have a large chance to be chosen!”

“There was this type of thing?”

“That’s right Third Young Miss! You must properly catch this opportunity ah! The Crown Prince is a Fifth Grade Talent. He has already reached the Defensive Qi Realm Seventh Level at the young age of twenty! Second Young Miss has secretly loved him for many years now! But what can she be considered as? You are the one to have an engagement with the Crown Prince since a young age!”

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Chapter 47