Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 466

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Murong Ni had not expected that Huang Yueli would dared to chase after her to make her kowtow!

No matter how she saw it, Huang Yueli was just a first degree realm practitioner with no background. Considered it as her good luck to find a Spirit Saint Spring, that was just **** luck.

Huang Yueli should at least have some self-reflection and knew that she could not afford to offend a reputable Sect’s daughter like herself, Murong Ni.

“You…. Are you joking?” Murong Ni hesitated a little before she started to laugh out loud.

Huang Yueli replied indifferently, “I’m sorry but I don’t have the habit of telling jokes.”

Murong Ni was still laughing continuously.

“Yue Li, I can’t help but admire your guts! Who had given you that much guts to ask me to kowtow? Can’t you see your own status? I had given you face in the past because Senior Brother was smitten with you. Did you think I was afraid of you? Now that Senior Brother had yet to awaken, shouldn’t you behave yourself by tucking your tail between your legs and stop finding trouble with me?”

“I’m finding trouble with you? Do you need me to remind you? You’re the one who offered… to kowtow to me one hundred times, I did not force you to do so!” The way Huang Yueli looked at her was as if she was watching a comedy.

Murong Ni flew into a rage upon hearing what she said.

“I did say that, so what? If it wasn’t for Senior Brother, would you have any way to make me kowtow to you? Can you beat me? Did you think Fifth Brother will help you, Mo Yi and the rest would dare to press my head down to kowtow to you? Hehe, you’re thinking way too much. I am after all the Second Miss of the Murong family. Without Senior Brother’s personal order, they wouldn’t dare!”

Huang Yueli stared at her coldly and shrugged her shoulders after she had finished talking.

“Alright, since your skin is so thick that the words you said is like passing gas, what else can I do…..”

Murong Ni thought Huang Yueli was scared stiff by her and snickered complacently.

“Trust you to be tactful!”

“…Come to think of it, that day at the mountain cliff, you were the one to push me, causing me to fall down. I think, you probably won’t dare to admit this in front of everyone right? If I were to tell everyone the truth, I wonder what they would think of you? Based on this, you’re the actual culprit who caused Li Moying’s serious injuries!”

“And if your Senior Brother…. were to find out that you pushed me down, what would happen? Aiya, thinking about this makes me feel frightened…. But I’m an honest person, unlike you who suffers amnesia, so naturally I will tell everyone nothing but the truth…..”

Huang Yueli started mumbling to herself as she walked towards the tent.

Before her fingers could reach the hanging screen, Murong Ni had shot forward and blocked her from entering.

“Yue Li, stop right there!”

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Huang Yueli stopped in her tracks and innocently asked, “What do you want now? I’m not finding trouble with you already so why are you blocking me for?”

“You… what did you say just now?” Murong Ni glared menacingly at her.

Huang Yueli replied, “Did I just… say anything? Why would you care about what I said? Quickly let me pass! I want to see how Li Moying is doing now. Since we’re already engaged, I should take good care of my fiancé!”

Huang Yueli had no intentions to accept the engagement with Li Moying, and till now, she had yet to change her mind.

But in front of Murong Ni, she could not help but to consider herself as Li Moying’s fiancée.

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Chapter 466