Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 462

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Huang Yueli glared at her coldly and didn’t want to waste the valuable time on treating Li Moying on arguing with Murong Ni.

But Murong Ni thought she was feeling guilty and frightened so she became even more complacent.

She sneered, “Why are you not speaking? Admitting that you’re bragging? Hehe, like what I said, god knows where you got this dirty tub of water from, and if one will fall sick from drinking it! If it is really the Spirit Saint Spring Water, I will kowtow one hundred times, with my head banging on the ground, to you!”

Huang Yueli turned around and gave her ‘a smile yet not like a smile’ glance, “This is what you said, one hundred head-banging kowtows…. Don’t go back on your words later on and cry when your face is being slapped!”

Looking at Huang Yueli’s expression, Murong Ni’s heart suddenly thumped loudly.

Since she already put it like that, how could Huang Yueli still display such confidence?

Was it because this evil slut…. Had that much confidence?

However this sliver of doubts only lingered for one second before she threw it behind.

Like what Mo Yi said, even if the entire Soaring Heavens Continent’s Spirit Saint Spring Water was accumulated, it would not even make up one tenth of the tub. How could Huang Yueli’s be real? It was absolutely a lie!

Thinking about this, Murong Ni regained her confidence.

She sneered again, “Will I go back on my words? If you have the ability, show me the proof! If you can prove that this is the Spirit Saint Spring Water and you can save Senior Brother, what does it matter if I have to kowtow to you? For Senior Brother’s health, this is only a small thing!”

Huang Yueli was disgusted by her words!

Murong Ni must have thought that she wasn’t able to show any proof so she dared to make such a big promise. Anyway these are all meaningless words, there’s no linkage to money at all!

Not only that, she also talked as though she was sacrificing herself for Li Moying’s injuries! In actual face, besides the cynical remarks, what help had she rendered?

Huang Yueli was unable to express the disgust in her heart so she said coldly, “Then open your dog eyes wide and look carefully!”

“You~~~~~!” Murong Ni almost flipped out but was stopped by Luo Jiyun.

Huang Yueli took a scooped a glassful and with one hand, she held the back of Li Moying’s neck and lifted his head while the other hand holding on to the glass.

“Huang Yueli, how dare you feed Senior Brother this dirty water!!” Murong Ni angrily retorted, “Brother Mo Yi, why are you not stopping her!”

Mo Yi didn’t looked at her and spoke, “Third Miss has her own reasoning for doing these.”

“Yes, Junior Sister, stop it. Don’t disturb Sister-in-law giving treatment to Senior Brother!” Luo Jiyun said.

“You all… are you all blind! Or have you been brainwashed by Yueli??” Murong Ni was utterly exasperated.

However, none of them gave her any notice and looked at Huang Yueli’s actions in anticipation.

Huang Yueli raised the glass but it wasn’t what everyone had imagined. She brought it next to Li Moying’s mouth and gulped a big mouthful of it instead.

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Luo Jiyun stared with his eyes wide open.

The next moment, Huang Yueli lowered her head and sealed her lips on Li Moying’s, feeding his the Spirit Saint Spring Water slowly.

Even if there were many pairs of eyes on her, she didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, she took her time and slowly feed mouthfuls of water till the entire glass was finished before she lay his head back, not forgetting to wipe the corners of his lips.

“That’s done, I estimate that within the time frame of burning an incense stick, the Spirit Saint Spring Water should take its effect.”

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Chapter 462