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Mo Yi replied, “Third Miss, I won’t hide from you. Every time after Master acts up, his entire body will turn cold and his face turns pale white. This condition will sustain for at least seven days so the current symptoms are not weird at all. Only…..”

“Only what?” Huang Yueli hurriedly questioned.

“Only this round Master had suffered a serious internal injury so when his symptoms acted up, the repercussions had worsened. I had checked Master’s meridians and realised that all the meridians in his body had suffered heavy impact. What is worse is his soul had weakened much greater than usual.”

“This is really bad…..” Huang Yueli frowned.

Li Moying’s symptoms were very similar to the Soul Detachment Illness, as in it all occurred during a full moon’s night, causing them to lose their state of mind.

Although it was unknown why his cultivation exploded when his symptoms acted up but since there was a regularity between the two illnesses, the cause should be similar as well.

Huang Yueli guess that Li Moying’s soul might be too weak , which was why he had this illness.

If the problem was due to the soul, it was already difficult to treat. Because of the injury he incurred this round, it caused even more damage to his soul!

The next time Li Moying suffer another attack during the upcoming full month’s night, his injuries would be doubled!

Problems related to the soul could affect cultivation. With his outstanding talent, if he could not break out of the ninth degree realm in future because of this injury, then… Huang Yueli would never be able to forgive herself.

Huang Yueli thought for a while before taking out a large pail of Spirit Saint Spring Water from the Sky Phoenix Ring and left it on the ground.

“This is the Spirit Saint Spring Water, especially nutritious for the soul. Let Li Moying bath in it then let him drink as much as possible, to see if it can help in healing the damage that was inflicted on his soul.”

As the amount she had taken out was to let Li Moying take a bath in it, it was much more than usual so she simply used Little Phoenix’s bathtub to fill it it.

Little Phoenix especially loved to bath in the Spirit Saint Spring Water, so his bathtubs were extremely large in size.

Mo Yi and the rest stared dazedly at the bathtub which appeared from nowhere, their eyes filled with admiration.

Most people’s interspatial rings could only store some pills and spirit stones. Who on earth would store such a huge bathtub, not to mention that this was an especially useless piece of luggage. This proved that the space in Huang Yueli’s interspatial ring was exceptionally huge!

And to be able afford such a huge interspatial ring, she must be a tycoon!

But why did Third Miss (Sister-in-law) needed to carry such a huge bathtub around? Was it because she had mysophobia?

Wait, something sounded wrong, she mentioned earlier…..


“What water did you say this was??”

The few of them voiced out in surprise.

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Huang Yueli looked at them puzzledly, “Spirit Saint Spring Water? This water is especially effective for treating soul damage. Although it’s impossible to see immediate results but if he soaked in it, there should be some obvious effects. And if he were to take this on a long term basis, slowly but surely his soul should be able to recover by quite a bit.”

At the very least, that was what happened to her.

The expressions everyone showed her looked weird.

Huang Yueli said oddly, “What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong? Don’t tell me he cannot take Spirit Saint Spring Water? But Mo Yi, you said it yourself, his soul suffered serious damages, so this should be the right diagnosis, right?”

Mo Yi hemmed and hawed before speaking out, “This is the right diagnosis… but…..”

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Chapter 460