Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 456

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When he heard these words, Li Moying suddenly showed some response.

Although his movements was minutely small, his line of vision was not as what Huang Yueli expected, to look at the medication, but…. his sight was aimed at her lips.

Huang Yueli felt his piercing vision, blinked and her face started to flush.

This man… was indeed a beauty that brought on disaster. Even at this timing, he still looked enticing and because he was now also bloodthirsty, he gave out an evil and dangerous aura.

She knew what her motive was but when she was being stared at like that, she could not help but feel bewitched by him.

That movement…. was too evil…

Huang Yueli had yet to adjust her emotions when Li Moying spoke in a low voice.

“Feed medication?”

He remained expressionless but that deep gaze stayed on her lips causing her subconsciousness to have a burning sensation.

When she heard his voice, her mind flashed a thought.

The moment Li Moying heard to feed him medication, he kept staring at her lips. Was It because….. she kept feeding him by mouth when he was unconscious, so he automatically linked these two matters together?

Heavens knows, her intention was very pure, which was to feed him by hand!

And he wasn’t even unconsciousness?

No no no, she must be thinking too much. This man had lost all his rationality after all the massacre, how could he still think of such impure matters?

Huang Yueli shook her head hard and felt that she was thinking too much.

The next moment, she felt her chin hurting.

Li Moying held her chin hard and stood in front of her.


Huang Yueli’s eyes open wide at the suddenly magnified handsome face!

Her breathing was instantly occupied.

Although Li Moying was usually overbearing, he was still considered gentle. As long as she didn’t object, he would patiently seduce her.

But this time it was totally different.

Li Moying acted as if he had consolidated all the unvented murderous intent and seemed more violent.

He even bit Huang Yueli’s lips until she bled and sucked on her blood.

The blood stench filled their mouths and that excited Li Moying further, causing him to be even more intensive, not allowing for any rejection.

Huang Yueli frowned.

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“Ow ow…Ow ow…OW!”

Huang Yueli was hurt beyond words.

She wanted to push him aside but he held the power of the ninth degree realm, he could crush her with just one finger. Even if she used all up her strength, it would only be tickling him.

What’s more, Li Moying’s arm held her tightly at her waist. It was firmer than steel and the finger that held her chin was also filled with power, as if it was about to crush her.

Huang Yueli was held in a deadlock, like a little fox that had fallen into a trap. She had nowhere to hide and nowhere to run!

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Chapter 456