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Initially Huang Yueli mistook that Li Moying just wanted to kill those soldiers so he didn’t bother about her.

That was why she hid behind the huge rock, not daring to make any noise fearing that once Li Moying was done clearing up those people, it would be her turn next.

However the result was out of her expectations.

After Li Moying had dealt with the Werewolf Mercenaries, he stopped for a little while at the campsite. During that time, he had already felt Huang Yueli’s presence but eventually he did not make any moves towards her and left instead.

Ever since that moment, Huang Yueli indistinctively had some sort of guess in her mind.

Perhaps, deep within Li Moying, he wasn’t ignoring her completely. But at the very least, he didn’t have any murderous intent towards her. Whether was it intentional or not, he probably would not hurt her.

Of course, this was just a guess which Huang Yueli could not confirm as yet.

However this guess was enough for her. She believed in her own intuition and her belief in this man who was willing to risk his life to protect her. The situation was an emergency and she did not have any time to hesitate.

Without any second thoughts, she walked over.

Even though they were so close to each other, this did not mean that Huang Yueli was safe.

Although he did not strike on her way, if he wanted to, he could just do it in an instance to ensure she had a bloodbath on the spot!

Those few who were hiding in the forest were nervously watching the both of them, not knowing what could happen in the next minute.

“Third Miss, do your best!”

“Senior Brother, please control yourself and don’t hurt sister-in-law…..”

Under the gaze of expectations from so many people, Huang Yueli closed the gap by stepping forward one more step. The distance between the both of them was now lesser than one foot. The distance they bore resembled an intimate couple.

Huang Yueli stretched out her hand, passed the bottle to Li Moying and said in a gentle voice, “Are you tired? You’re injured. It’s time to rest. Be good, here are the medication. Take it and go back with me!”

Li Moying’s lips pursed slightly but he didn’t reply.

A pair of gloomy and dark pupils first looked at the fair hand which offered the porcelain bottle, and then returned the gaze back to her face. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Huang Yueli waited a little while and seeing that he kept looking at her without talking, she continued, “I know you feel very upset inside and your entire body feels terrible. Take the pills and have a good nap. After the nap, you will feel better.”

Li Moying still refused to budge.

Huang Yueli had no choice but to open the bottle cap and took out the pills.

The seven pills rolled into her palms. These seven pills, specially refined by Liu Buyan, had different colours and the reason was to differentiate the order. If the pills were taken in the wrong order, the end result would be discounted hugely.

But now Li Moying had missed the best timing to take the medication so Huang Yueli couldn’t care any lesser and intended to let him take everything at one go.

She held the pills to Li Moying’s mouth.

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“Eat it.”

Li Moying didn’t move.

“Do you want water?” Huang Yueli took out a small bottle of Saint Spring Water.

Li Moying still didn’t move.

“Li Moying, can you give me some response? You’re not a small kid. Don’t tell me…. You want me to feed you the medication?” Huang Yueli almost lost her mind.

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Chapter 455